Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happiness Project - Day 34-35

Smile Friday ~ 28 May 2010

1. Woke up really, really late. The first since I could remember. And it felt great!
2. Saw more 'Arrested Development' episodes. I know I've said it before, but the show is simply hilarious!
3. Went out for dinner at this new Chinese restaurant where we had this awesome dishes. Really yummy! Couldn't walk properly after that.
4. Got myself a top. Hey yeah, the Great Singapore Sale has started!
5. Dropped by to the video store to rent some DVDs. Movie night!

Pleasant Saturday ~ 29 May 2010

1. Finally got our Bintan pictures, which brings great memories :)
2. Cous cooked this really nice tom yum soup for lunch. Then we ate together while watching Glee!
3. Went to town and tried out this Indonesian cafe at Somerset, which supposedly is really good. They actually sell martabak! In case you don't know, martabak is one of my favorite food. I'm actually quite impressed, although it's still not as good as the one I have back in Indo, it's quite authentic and delicious!
4. "Baby Let Me Sing You A Song" really cheers me up at night! What do you think of it as my wedding song, people?

Take me to Boston. ;)

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