Monday, 24 May 2010

Happiness Project - Day 28-30

22 May 2010

1. Came back from work on time and took a ride from my dear colleague from office to home, which means I saved about an hour of otherwise commuting time by train!

2. Went for BBQ at Sophia’s place and enjoyed good food with good company. Thanks, babe!

3. I invited Wazzy for the BBQ and I finally met up with her after a long time! It was really great catching up and hanging out with her again.

4. Went back quite late and ended up skype-ing with a friend of mine. Went to sleep happy, and even happier that the next day would be Sunday!

23 May 2010

1. Went to the airport to pick up our favorite aunt and uncle and had nice lunch beforehand at a new place at terminal 2 which we’ve never tried before!

2. We came back home and had great talk with our aunt and uncle while watching rerun of Idol. Once again stroke by the gorgeous sight of sparkly-eyed Lee!

3. Had an awesome dinner at Shokudo! We ordered so much from the Caesar salad to sushi to omelets to teriyaki to sukiyaki and man, it was sumptuous!

It has been a great weekend, albeit too short!

24 May 2010

1. It's a new week! I'm keeping my spirit high for this short week of work!

2. Enjoyed a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle, sis and cous. Family time is just priceless.

3. Lil' sis is coming home today, and I'm excited for this week to end!

You do what you love, and f*** the rest. :)

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