Friday, 21 May 2010

Family and Happiness Project - Day 28

1. So it’s been a while since I really update this blog. You think my happiness project is working? Do I seem like a more positive and happy person these days? Sure, right? Right?

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say aside from the things I’ve already mentioned in previous posts. Work has been challenging yet interesting at the same time. There are times when I love what I do; there are other times when I’m completely over it. Overall, am I happy? Can I get back to you on that?

The best thing about working is just the ability to make your own money. I really feel good about it, not depending on my dad to send me money. On the contrary, I can help out by paying the bills around the house, which is lessening my older sister’s burden since she has to settle other things like, the maintenance fee of our apartment and our day-to-day spending as a whole. I mean, if all of us go together for dinner or do grocery shopping, she’s still the one paying. Can I just say how incredibly lucky I am to have this family?

During the first few months of my job, I was stressing over the fact that it took me more than an hour to commute every morning. One time, when one of my colleagues mentioned that he has a vacant room in his HDB, I had a thought that perhaps I could rent out a room to be closer to work. I told my colleagues about it, but every one of them said no. And now, I’m so glad I didn’t.

I mean, there are times when work was so demanding or you’ve had a bad day and the least you want to do is come home to an empty house and feel even more alone. Now, no matter how bad I feel, I always come home to friendly and familiar faces of my sisters who are always there to listen to my whining and offer their most encouraging and uplifting advices. I can’t imagine not having them around. We try to have dinner together every day and talk about our day. In the simplicity of it all, there’s comfort that you would never realize until it’s gone.

I know it sounds a bit cheesy. And you may think, someone my age should be more independent, and probably shouldn’t live with my family anymore. The truth is, yeah, I would want to live alone a few years down the road. Even when I do live alone, I can’t imagine not being close to my sisters. And I realize that not many people can say the same about their siblings.

Alright, enough mushiness. Generally, this week has been nice. And I’m so happy it’s almost weekend! Tomorrow is still work day for me, though. But I’m keeping my spirit high!

2. Met up with Ripple and Jason for dinner at Marche, and I had a really good time! They were incredibly nice and friendly people, even though Ripple and I have just met once before. Girl! So glad we met up!

I’d tell everybody to pursue your passion. Those who have passions, we are the lucky ones. If you like painting, for God’s sake, paint. if you like writing, write.

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