Thursday, 25 September 2008

F1 Buzz!

I'm definitely not the sporty type, sweat terrifies me and the word 'hiking' makes me wanna faint, and in theory I couldn't care less about the F1.

But the buzz is catching up to me. It's seeing the posters everyday, and the race cars model at shopping malls, not to mention the track itself which has been designed so wonderfully throughout the city area, you would be blind not to get excited over it.

Kimi Raikkonen was at Paragon yesterday, I saw his interview on TV and I was like, 'I WAS at Orchard this evening!' Lewis Hamilton's photos arriving at Changi Airport while being surrounded by photographers, makes the whole thing even more exciting because of the proximity.

This afternoon a friend and I, him being a total F1 fanatic, walked around Raffles and Suntec, strolling along the heated track, so close despite it being sealed. People working for the event were pacing back and forth, scattered around the arena. There's a certain pride having this major event here when everyone from around the world is coming in to the city to celebrate something together. It truly is. And I'm not even Singaporean.

Now luckily enough, I will be able to catch a glimpse of F1, and I'm damn excited about it!

I'm sure everyone's attention will be focused on one thing this weekend! Mondofabulous! A friend is flying in to town for the event and on top of everything, it'll be just great to see him.

This week has been passing like a breeze, I'm afraid I would miss it if I just blink! And I'm actually enjoying my work so far! Things are definitely looking up.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

First week of work

I know work just got started, and there hasn't been much that I can say about it, but that never stopped me from having opinions.

When I wrote a short piece of article which was featured in a local newspaper a while back, the only thing my then-boyfriend said to me wasn't 'congratulations, honey' but 'you have opinions.' Although from whichever angle, the first was even more unlikely since the hell would freeze over before we got to call each other 'honey'.

But, the point is, yes, I do have opinions if nothing else, no matter how undeserving I am to say those things yet.

So a little bit about the job, the company is definitely bigger than my previous, in scale and in operation. There are different departments: media, PR, copywriting, marketing and advertising and so on so forth. I'm assigned to the lattest and accentuated more on the event management part.

During my first day I was introduced to everyone but since so far I could only work in the morning, it hasn't exactly helped me with the whole bonding part. By 1 I have to leave to make it on time for my class over at town, but good thing the office is located not too far from there.

I love the fact that my desk is facing out. I'm not directly by the window but I can see the view from where I sit and it's truly great.

Newsflash! Random fun fact! My computer desktop is a picture of naked Bart Simpson diving in the sea!

I don't mind the working part, but waking up in the morning can really be such a shit. I guess there are people who are used to do that, but I'm definitely not one of them. If work starts in the afternoon and ends later at night, I wonder if I would last in a job a lot longer. Maybe. Really, one sucky thing about working is the waking up part.

So what gives? Sleeping time, for one. Weekends feel shorter, somehow, which makes 'em even more precious.

But I'm glad to start this, I've been restless for quite some time, and knowing that getting a job isn't as easy as anyone makes up to be, you tend to appreciate it more.

Guilty Pleasure

I seem to do stupid things when I'm drunk.
The embarrassing anecdote about me pulling down my pants in unisex bathroom have been passed down like babies in China. [A little Juno reference here]
If that's not stupid, I don't know what is.
But stupidity isn't all blatant and transparent like that. Sometimes it's more subtle, humiliating only to you. Behind closed doors, nobody knows it but yourself.
Last night was another instance. It's just one of those things.
Damn, wasn't it fun.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Happy news!

I'm happy! Happy happy happy happy!!!!

Or maybe I shouldn't jinx it too early! Ah sod it! A new chapter, people! Chapter 1: A New Beginning! Sounds like The Moffats' album title, geez, I'm such a dork Although! The title's appropriate!

So I just wanna write a quick hi and post to let you know I'm in a good place right now, and I intend to stay that way! I hope this one will stick long enough 'cos this is just the perfect time!

Hope you all have a good day, and I'll write more soon! I'm off to class now!


Sunday, 14 September 2008

That Day

I feel like I have to do something, today. I'm sorry for not having enough faith anymore, but that doesn't make me a bad person.

These past year has been the hardest time, and I've missed you tremendously. Sometimes I'm angry of myself for not missing you more, but I don't know how much is less, how much is enough as if that's an indication of how much you mean to me. It's the only way I know how, and the feeling's left me helpless.

Eventhough I'm not sure I believe in all that anymore, I'm absolutely certain that you are in a good place, just because you are you, and you deserve it. You have to, otherwise we are all just doomed.

I'm not sure if it's true what they say, that everything happens for a reason, or whether it's just something someone came up with to make him feel better. Would it make me a bad person for saying that it's bullshit?

I know it's symbolic, it's no different than any other day because I've missed her from time to time, and not just today.

We were in a completely different place last year. Looking back, I can't believe I'm here now, doing my thing.

Everything and nothing changed.

Friday, 12 September 2008


Sometimes we need a complete stranger to remind us that the rules haven't changed much at all.

I was in a cab along with two friends after a night out. We were just talking, the air was full of booze and we were slightly giddy. I was dropped off the last, and as soon as I was alone with the taxi driver, he told me not to 'trust men'.

Taken aback, I couldn't help but chuckle, "but uncle, you are a man."

"I know, I know, but it's true..." he said.

Even when a girlfriend of mine has given me the warning eye signal when she left me alone with the boy.

I wonder if he was referring to my friend in the cab earlier, but I didn't ask. Besides, I knew the line and I wasn't going to cross it. I'm so not gonna be involved in domestic affairs.

That's something I have learnt along the way, uncle, to be honest. But not trusting, I still catch myself once in a while, for I have always been too gullible in the past.

And apparently that was too obvious, even to a complete stranger. When he was about to drop me off, he turned around, his face was fatherly and old. "You're really sweet," he said, "please remember my advice. Don't trust men."

See, he needed to warn me twice, yo'all.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This week has been..

So, I've been having much fun lately, a lot is goin' on at the moment. With the mooncake festival, the ramadhan, the upcoming F1, it's exciting to be in the city right now. Although I'm not too big on mooncake to begin with, my flatmate has been bringing home various mooncakes selection which I could freely nibble around; after her saying, "please help yourself", of course. All hell broke loose afterwards, she should have been more specific, "take only one or two" for example.

But yeah, I've checked out the lantern festival, and this weekend there's gonna be sort of a mooncake party down in my apartment. We'll come, see what's goin' on, mingle around, I think it's gonna be fun.

And it's fasting time too, if it weren't for Mr. F I doubt I would even realize, that's how ignorant I am. But now, I learn to be more sensitive, just like when we went out to watch movie the other day, I made sure I sat a few chairs away from him so he wouldn't hear me munching potato chips. And I didn't even offer, do you know how hard that was? I'm so used to sharing my food that it took a great deal of self-conscience to refrain me from doing that while he was fasting.

So we ate afterwards with the rest of the starving Muslim population at 7ish over in Arab Street. Loads of Indonesian and Turkish food down there. It's a good change of scenery, and a lot more relaxing as well. We could just sit there, have shisha, eat, chill and have a good time, there are loads of stalls along the street, we call it 'pasar malam', night market, literally. Mostly they sell food and muslim clothings, but sometimes you get to see unique things like colorful lamps and carpets. Hello, can you say Aladdin? Ali Baba?

Aside from the fun stuff, I'll be having my last class here in Singapore this Friday, and gosh, that hits me hard in the head. After this all, I'm done. Well, there's still the US trip to look forward to, but I'm sure that will just go like a breeze. A fucking year goes like a breeze, what's a month? It'll just be faster than you saying 'cheese'. I just wanna enjoy the rest of the year, seriously.

Well, my camera couldn't really capture the scenery with enough justice, but I just love the color's reflection on the water...

We ventured out to the waterfront at Kallang, the restaurants are by the river, soothing and romantic...Just by being near to the water is so relaxing, nothing beats that after a long tiring day running for interview...(and movies)

Had a really good time although the restaurant he wanted to bring me to apparently has closed down. What are the odds, huh?

Speaking of interview, though, at this point I'm just done with it. "I've stopped working for a few months now, and now I'm just so eager to start again and really make use of my time," I said to my latest interviewer, as if that would make a difference. But really, I know I said I've been looking for jobs for sometime now, but to be honest I wasn't that much serious. I kept postponing and postponing, telling myself that I would have exam soon so I should prepare first blah blah, such bullshit. I'm just highly unmotivated and lazy, gosh, bless me. But really, it's like I'm watching myself wasting time, and it seems like the harder it gets, the more you want it. The truth is, I've survived the worst possible scenario, what other worse forms of humiliation could take place in a conference room?

So just keep your fingers [and toes] crossed!

But all in all, this week has been great, made some new friends and caught up with old ones. Ladies night yesterday was the most fun I've had in weeks, probably. Hope you all enjoy your week so far as well...I'm rambling rubbish in this entry here, I just realized, ah sod it. So, goodbye for now! :)

p.s: by the way, for you who gives a rat's ass, well, translates to, those who have nothing better to do on rainy days or something, check out video of me and sis singing another song (in Lion King, I would have sung 'be prepared' now just because the title's appropriate..) here and a movie when cous decided to showcase his cooking ability. It's a new concept in our usually-unused kitchen...

Sunday, 7 September 2008

So random

There was the time when everybody used friendster, and now it seems like the trend has shifted over to facebook. But see, the difference is, at first I thought facebook's a more exclusive social network, people don't usually just add random others as they did over at friendster previously. I have like, way over 500 contacts over my friendster, and I bet quite a lot number of 'em are those I don't even know.

And don't you agree that it's totally ridiculous to have more than one account in the same site? They have account ONE FULL, and then account TWO FULL, and some even have three jut because their contacts have reached the maximum limit, I mean, seriously, noone needs that many accounts! They're tad unnecessary. How very socialites these people are, really? Seems like they're even more popular than Lauren Conrad herself.

If you really have that many friends, then tell me I'm a smart-ass b**** and I'll gladly shut up. Because I mean, if your contacts are full, then you just gotta make another, right? Sure. What I find irritating, are the people who add others randomly. It's not a big deal if you think about it, but I don't know, I just don't get it, it's getting on my nerves after a while.

Now it's one thing if you see someone and you want to know that person and be friends, well, then send a message or something, follow the proper introductory guidelines. If you have to shake hands when you meet someone new, at least you gotta do the same thing, or along that line since physical connection is not yet applicable in the friendster-facebook world. But shouldn't that be a common sense?

I got friend requests from all kinds of people whose names I can't even pronounce, let alone lay eyes on. I had the impression that it's more close-knitted network right here on facebook, so I'm quite annoyed to find out that it's really not much different afterall.

Maybe I shouldn't take it so negatively, afterall if random people want to be friends with you, then what's the harm, right? Well? Maybe. I don't know. You tell me.

Another random person added me as friend on facebook a few days ago, and upon courtesy, I was the one sending a message and asking him whether I knew him, otherwise I wouldn't accept his request. I thought there's a possibility that he might be an old friend from elementary school or something, so I asked. See? I am good-mannered. He replied a while after, saying:

'Hello..not really, just see you in [one of my friend's] photos so I add you, hope you don't mind.'

Just because we happen to know the same person doesn't instantly make us friends!(EXCLAMATION POINT!) Or, at least you could tell me that before! (EXCLAMATION POINT!) Feeling my blood rise up yet again, I ignored him. But well, at the very least we still have something in common, but some are totally random. These are the worst. Someone from Turkey just sent me a friend request. What the f***?

In friendster previously I didn't give too much of a damn, I had that over 500 contacts by accepting requests from random people, just because I wanted to make everything easier. But I just need to rant here because it happens too many times.

I hate being a whiner, though, but what to do? I am one. And I know you all get this all the time too, so tell me, surely it bothers you too sometimes? Seriously, next time a random person added me as a friend without much of a greeting (at least!), I'm so gonna blow up and proceed with sending that person a message and calling him names. Ggr, I'm feeling fierce!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Singing 'Paperweight'

We've always loved singing (bathroom is my stage and my sister is my biggest fan), and I guess I just wanna share it with you all today. I hope you have had your lunch or dinner already though, cos I wouldn't be responsible for any digestive problems upon seeing this, okay.

I actually didn't know this song before this evening, so ha! Put 'a fast learner' down on my resume! We had a bit of rough time adjusting our voices 'cos if we sang it on the normal key it would be too low on sis' part, so we finally did it three notes higher. And we recorded the simple background music beforehand so we didn't have to play and sing at the same time. We sisters are not really known for our multi-tasking skills, afterall.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Intelligence is sexy

I feel defensive everytime my friends tease me for having a weak spot for geeks, but hey, if I like my eggs fried, then I like 'em fried. Just like I like my salmon raw, I like my men geeky. Fine, so it's hardly an accurate comparison, but everyone's different, right? So I find geeks attractive, sue me. I think men reading in library is a lot hell sexier than those you find playing beach volleyball barenaked. And geeks are hot, but they don't know they're hot, which makes them even hotter, if you get my logic.

[Yes, everytime people mock geeks, I get a sense of protectiveness, I get an Obama-moment, I feel suddenly patriotic, I feel like grabbing flags, speaking in the podium and educating these people from their narrow-mindedness!]

And this is a common misconception that geeks have lousy social skills. In fact, they don't, really. And geeks don't look like Napoleon Dynamite, mind you. And, to set the records straight; geeks are those who are overly obsessed with one or more things including intellectuality, electronics, gaming, etc. In fact, there's no mention about popularity or the sort of thing people normally associate them with.

They are simply put,

A derogatory reference to a person obsessed with intellectual pursuits for their own sake.

A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. Geeks are adept with computers.

A person who relates academic subjects to the real world outside of academic studies; for example, using multivariate calculus to determine how they should correctly optimize the dimensions of a pan to bake a cake.

A person who has chosen concentration rather than conformity; one who passionately pursues skill (especially technical skill) and imagination, not mainstream social acceptance.

A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest.

Now what is so mockable about these fine qualities? Damn, I think intelligence is attractive, for one. And interest in technology is really not a bad thing, isn't it? [Eric used to help me with all kinds of computer-related problems that I was just happy enough being technically retarded as I was. Yes, he was somewhat a geek, bless him.] A person who doesn't care much about social acceptance? Doesn't that mean they're just comfortable enough being themselves? And it's good, you know.

I think I should have just stopped at the 'intelligence is attractive' bit because that would have been suffficent enough to prove my point.

And it goes more that people we call geeks normally don't really pay that much attention to how they look, because computers and technology don't go hand-in-hand with well, fashion. It's not like they're unwashed and their clothes date back to the 17th century, but they are simply, well, nonchalant, at least when it comes to that aspect. And that's attractive. I can't stand guys any other way.

The glasses does it for me too, but that's just a perk.

Not all smart men are geeks, but all geeks are smart, I'd say.

My sister had her fair share going to MIT for her master degree last year, and when she came back and I asked all sorts of questions about the people there, she said well, we think MIT students would be all studious and diligent, monogamous type of people with big thick glasses carrying books everywhere, because face it, they are probably among the smartest students in the world. And indeed they are, but they're not at all like that. There was a caucasian guy with long unruly hair like a rock star who would ocassionaly sleep during the lecture.

But go figure, he's a MIT student. I'm just saying that sometimes people surprise you, how they look and how they actually are can be entirely different.

Yes, I have a taste for geeks, but contrary to popular belief, it's really not weird. I certainly don't deserve a mockery laugh, or a pitiful stare as if my pool is an unattractive one noone wants to be near to. Some say they go for the fit, sporty, fitness-type, some go for the adventureous kind, well then what's the difference with a taste for the geeks?

[Which is essentially more than just the looks, really. But we all are guilty of thinslicing and making fast generalization upon first impression, so pinpointing someone as 'geeky' just because he's tall, skinny and wears glasses is hardly fair, but oh, we do that all the time.

What I'm saying is, geekiness is a perfectly attractive quality. I dig it, you don't, big deal. Just no need to get all 'gosh, tina, you are so weird!' because there are much weirder things in the world, trust me.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Just wanted to clarify my previous entry dearest sister happily pointed out yesterday. I was already in bed then, not dead asleep yet, but as asleep as someone who still tried to compose text messages with half eye could be. My point? I was just a few centimetres away from falling asleep. (If you could count it, I bet it's close enough.)

And then suddenly she let out a loud noise. I thought she choked, at first, because it was so sudden and unexpected. But I realized that someone had to at least eat something first before choking, and she wasn't eating, I knew it for a certain because I would definitely hear annoying munching sound and I didn't, that's why I was on the verge of falling asleep, which I already repeated for like, 5 times now. Well, after my slow mind made the conviction that she wasn't actually choking, I thought she was gargling. But this didn't make more sense than the first thought.

So I looked at her with an irritated look on my face, I mean, if she wanted to gargle she should have gone to the bathroom, at least. I know it's not a written constitution, but that's an oral rule, is it not? Only after a few seconds, I realized she was actually laughing. Not chuckling, not giggling, but blast-on laughing.

Now it's unlikely of her to suddenly laugh in the middle of the night without apparent reason, she's not the laughing-loud-kinda girl. Nor is she the kind who would cover her mouth, because we mock those people all the time. Actually, we mock everybody all the time. Well, but that's not the point now, is it?

Apparently she was laughing upon reading my blog because I made a common mistake. COMMON, people! I said 'I always put one of my leg up in the elevator' when I actually meant was 'escalator'. She thought this was hilarious. She has this really active imagination, bless her.

Why would someone put one leg up in the elevator?! Really, she didn't need to laugh that loud. And she patted my head while she was laughing as if I'm a cute pet and I just bit the carpet 'cos I didn't know any better. It was beyond insulting. It was a direct attack to my ego and not to mention, language skill. She made me feel like I'm 5 years old.

So I stucked my tongue out at her, duh obviously.