Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dude, where's my money?!

Don't you ever wonder how you spend your money sometimes? I mean, one day I feel rich! (obviously because it's the end of the month and I just got my paycheck) And then two weeks later, you check your account and suddenly almost two third of it already gone. And you try to recall what you have done and bought during those period of time, oh sure, there was those few drinks after work, there were some shoppings done, movies watched, cabs taken, but surely those couldn't possibly amount to your two thirds of salary gone in just two weeks?

Well, welcome to the club. If you ever feel that way, then we're in the same boat, mate. Let's hold hands and wish ourselves luck.

I've been trying to save since I started working, because there are lots of things I want to do. The number one being, travelling. I mean, this is the world we're talking about! Alright, you get the gist. I have the passion but not the vessel! (vessel? Have I been watching too much drama?)

So I think I ought to do something. I don't know what, yet. Ehm. My sister said I should open another bank account to save some money there that I must not use. Because don't you think that when you know you have money, you will always spend it? I mean, it doesn't matter whether you need something or not, you miraculously will just find ways to spend it. Isn't that amazing? Eh, actually not.

Like, suddenly, I'm like, "Hey, I need another manicure and pedicure. Hey, while I'm at it, why don't I try getting this super cute nail moisturizer?" Alright, that was bimbotic. Extreme example, okay? Or, like "Hey, I suddenly see myself in the mirror and don't like what I see, so I need a makeover. Why don't I dye my hair blonde? While I'm at it, why don't I also get 1,001 make-up products? I haven't had this color of lipstick, have I?" Another example!

It's a vicious cycle! Especially when it comes to taking cabs and eating out all the time! Have I told you, I spent like, 43 bucks on a cab last week? Just because I thought that was the smart thing to do. After all, it was raining and I was grumpy because of work. Well yeah. Lesson of the day? Don't try to act smart.

So perhaps I ought to try that. Hee. Wish me luck! Hey, aren't we all in this together? Good luck to you too!


♥ Lady Wen ♥ said...

When we don't force ourselves to save money, our money ends up being spent. So we make the call. :)

I think yr sis's advice is really good. Setup another account that will allow you to be disciplined in setting aside your money.

And while u're pursuing yr dreams of traveling and having fun, think about how to make yr money grow at the same time, so 5,10 years down the road u can still be happy and financially free. :)

I still love you as a friend Christina.

t e e n a said...

Hahaha yes! :) Must get on to open another account, yikes! ;)

And thanks for reading my blog!