Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happiness Project - Day 14 & 15

It's the weekend! The things that made me happy:

1. My amazing skyline poster is finally up!

I'm so in love with it. :)

2. Cous cooked this really nice soup (with potato, pasta, macaroni, carrot, chicken, sausages,.. drooling yet?) for dinner.

3. Went for movie with a friend and saw Iron Man 2. It's really good! To be honest, I still like Kick Ass better, but Iron Man is definitely entertaining, plus Robert Downey Jr is just really, really, really cool in there.

4. Had a nice talk and a cocktail or two at Tapas Tree afterwards. We walked all the way from Marina Square to Clarke Quay! To me, that was a personal achievement. Definitely made for the record book. ;)

5. Watched the second season of Survivor on youtube while having lunch this afternoon, which was a total pleasure. Food and television are such understatement pleasures in life.

6. Went for a shopping spree at City Hall with Sis! We wanted to look for nice swimsuits and beach wear for our Bintan getaway next weekend, but of course, we ended up buying totally different things. Sis got a jacket and a dress, I got a top, casual dress and shoes. Totally no beach wear and definitely no swimsuits. Nevertheless, I'm happy! Shopping does that to people.

7. We had this really fantastic Japanese food dinner at this fancy restaurant in Suntec. Tried many kinds of yakitori, salad, beef steak, and others. Man, that was a good dinner!

8. Came across this song, 'Something Good Can Work' by Two Door Cinema Club and now it's stuck in my head and it's making me happy!

You can turn off the sun, but I'm still gonna shine.

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