Sunday, 2 May 2010

Happiness Project - Day 8

1. Watched a couple more episodes of Arrested Development and I lost counts on how many times I burst out laughing! It's so hilarious and superbly written!

2. Finished my article for the day (yes, despite weekend, I still had to submit my writings), but I managed to get it done.
3. Went to see Kick Ass in the evening. Gosh, I've been wanting to see this for a while, and I was so excited to finally do it. And it was awesome! Really, really good, funny, cool, silly, heartfelt. And the soundtrack was really good. That Hit Girl character is the coolest, haha!

4. Finally got to get you another postcard :)
5. Ate KFC egg-tart for supper. Hmm, yummy!
6. Just want to post some random pictures.

Look at this really cute coaster. Guinness is like the God for the Irish. If you know the band, The Script, in one of their song the lyrics go like, "It was Dublin City on a Friday night, you were vodkas and coke, I was Guinness all night.." which I thought was really funny and awesome. 'Nyway, random bits there.

Upon seeing this, my sister was like, "Eh, I didn't know what the point of actually having to tilt it 45 degrees and what's with all these techniques.." and I was like, "Um, I think it's just for the presentation, people like it if their beer is all foamy and it looks more appealing!" To which she replied, "Huh? I don't think I like drinking the foamy part! It's yucky!" Well, so people, enlighten me please. Is it really just for the presentation of it, or is there some rationale, functional use for having to pour it in a certain way?

My first drink of the night. Vodka with lychee juice, and it actually tasted really good! Although for the life of me I couldn't tell if they really did put the vodka in or not.

Sorry, just a random picture. One evening I just decided to try putting blue eye shadow. Sis just got this eye-palette with 98 colors, imagine! Anyway, I couldn't decide if it looked good or not, but I liked it. Probably not to be worn outside, I would probably scare some kids away.

And this was when we went for a wine-tasting in Wine Mansion. My friend worked there, and she invited me to bring some friends so I brought my lovely colleagues. It was a nice evening, I wasn't an expert in wine, but we were taught how to appreciate wine, how to look at the color and hold the glass properly, and things like that. We tried out four different wines that night, and there was also a buffet spread. In the end, I bought a sparkling wine, and I really liked it. I recommend it if you guys are interested. Their prices are affordable too!

Alright, until next time, folks! :) Good night and stay happy!

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