Friday, 30 July 2010


I find it hard to believe you don't know the beauty you are; but if you don't, let me be your eyes.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

I have a problem.

I think I'm super impulsive! Like, ridiculously impulsive! One minute I was looking for a blazer, the next minute I was trying out glasses and felt like buying one!

So my friend and I met up for dinner tonight and we just wandered around the shopping mall afterwards. I've been meaning to buy a nice blazer for some time but haven't found one that I liked. Well, actually I haven't been properly set aside a time to look for it, as I'm sure I can find lots of nice ones in Zara. But for the past week I haven't been to Orchard. The thought of going there during the weekends is just making me wanna curl up in bed and just rest my lazy bum all day.

But I do really need a nice jacket for work. So as we were walking around, I saw a shop selling glasses and I thought to myself, "hmm, nice!" No harm in going inside and looking around, right?

Wrong! Within seconds, I was happily trying on different frames and asking questions to the sales person. I had a pair that I really liked, and the price was over $400 and I didn't even budge! He might as well say it was just 20 bucks!

My friend was eye-ing me the whole time and kept saying, "It's $400, babe!" while I just 'uh-huh' him and continued trying it on. The sales person started going through the differences between different lenses and I was still in my own world, thinking of how much I liked it. "So?" he asked.

I looked at him, and then at my friend. He replied, "I think you're going to consider it first, right? Yes. She's considering it first."

I might as well have my own publicist or something! He didn't want me to buy it without being too obvious. Bless him. I left the store and he spent the next half an hour complaining about how overpriced the item was, and how I could even think about getting it when I could buy a similar one with a much cheaper price somewhere else!

Seriously, I think I need a talking conscience. If he weren't there, I would have been over 400 bucks poorer now and am probably regretting it. (or not?) Shopping just makes me happy, lah! It's a proven fact. Goes the same for every other women! (excuse, excuse)

Still. Bless my friend for stopping me. What started out as a hunt for blazer, turned out to be the start of an obsession for a new black-rimmed glasses. Welcome to my world.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

From Scrubs.

Bottom line is that couples that are truly right for each other wade through the same crap as everybody else. But the big difference is they don’t let it take them down.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


A random conversation over frozen lemon margarita last night.

"So, what does this guy do?"
"He's a computer programmer."
"Yeah. Why?"
"I just don't see you with a computer programmer. It doesn't suit you at all. I've always pictured you with a creative field."
"Yeah, architect. Or an artist."
"Yes! Totally."

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rant and Updates

So, a few days ago I was browsing things at the bookstore. I wanted to buy a couple of stationeries for work because I'm just dorky that way. I got high after seeing those folders in various colors and bought like, four different ones although I could just ask for some from the office. See, I couldn't resist the temptation!

Anyway I got to the magazine section and started looking through interesting read. My whole magazine habit consists of buying probably a couple of Cleo, 8 Days, Her World or those entertainment/Hollywood gossips because that's my guilty pleasure. But I saw the travel section and ended up buying Lonely Planet. Sure, that wasn't my usual read, but surely it's nothing to be fussed about?

This afternoon I showed it to my sister in case she wanted to read it too, and she looked at me like I just told her I was going to change my gender.

"You bought this????" her eyes were wide. "Um, yeah?" I replied, not expecting her reaction. She looked at the magazine and back to me again. "YOU bought it???!"

Seriously. Must she repeat the same question twice? "Yes!" I said. "But why???" like her logic couldn't grasp the idea.

"Well, I was just at the bookstore the other day and it looked interesting. So I bought it. WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL??!" At this point I felt quite insulted. Just because I always read bimbotic magazines, doesn't mean I'm incapable of reading informational ones. Heck, don't I write for an educational magazine?

"I'm not smart enough to be reading Lonely Planet?!" I said, wounded.

"Eh no. It's just a matter of habit." she replied. That was close, Sis. Too close.

Sorry, that was just something random. I haven't written here for a while, I know. The past week has been really time-consuming. But it was a good week, I think. My old friends were in town last weekend so we checked out the new Marina Bay casino. And my week was just filled with work.

Oh, another thing I wanna share here. My sis started reading this book "The China Study" by Dr. Colin Campbell. It's a book about food and health, it's kinda revolutionary, I think. It basically tells how plant-based diet is the healthiest way to go, and my sis has been really taken by it that we've started to implement this in our household. Not saying that we're gonna be vegetarians anytime soon, but we're going there. I think from now on, I'm gonna make a conscious decision to reduce my meat-intake significantly and eat more vegetables instead. Let's see how it goes. I really need to lose weight anyway.

Last I heard, my uncle has started being a vegetarian too and he had lost 8 kgs for the past month! I know it's hard not to eat meat, I guess the key is trying to do it slowly. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I should keep a food journal or something.

So! It's Sunday night! I'm excited for the upcoming week because it's the end of the month and you know what it means! Payday! About time!

Never the same

Damn, this is so beautiful.

“You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. I used to wonder what it would be like if someone like you looked my way. Then you did. And you didn’t stop. And I ruined everything. I don’t feel like the same person you love or loved. I don’t understand why you had to love me in the first place. We wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. I would still have my best friend and we’d still laugh and talk together. And I’d still feel special because you confided in me and no one else. I wouldn’t have to compare everyone to you and come to the simple conclusion that I’m never going to find anyone that fits me like you do. I wouldn’t have to face losing you, everything, over and over again, every single day. I wouldn’t feel spent and anchored and useless and washed up. And I wouldn’t be sitting here in a colourless dream, waiting for you to come and wake me up.”

Ellen - “Misadventures of a Teenage Renegade”

Company's D'n'D ;)

At Neo Group Celebration Dinner. :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I wondered if every road was connected to every other road. I wondered if I touched it, if maybe somewhere, you would know.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Not much progress...

So, let's see.

I wrote this urgent to-do list last week. Let's see how I've progressed.

~ Finish the marketing book my boss lent me.
I'm still just starting Chapter 5 now.

~ Start the next freelance writing article that is due this week!
The real article: 7 names down, 4 more to go. Deadline is Tuesday!

~ Learn more about yacht, read boating magazines.
Alright, well, I bought Asia Pacific Boating Magazine. Browsed through it, got some contacts to look up, but then my boss was so excited about the magazine so I let him borrow it. As for knowing more about yacht, damn, I'm not really sure.

~ Join gym
Well, I've gone to the gym to check out the prices and even had a consultation. Went on a tour around it, and pretty much had a good vibe about it. I have yet managed to go for the trial before signing up, though. I thought I would go last Tuesday but then something came up.

Conclusion: I haven't really been making progress at all, have I? Damn, I'm hopeless. Last night while I was writing for the article, I got distracted and ended up buying a cute T-shirt online!

That was the lowest of the low. I'm the world's number one procrastinator!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

What do you think?

Alright. So this is what I'm gonna do.

I've put up a poll just at the right hand side of this page --> and it'd be great if you can vote. (Of course just for those who stumbled upon this useless blog. Those who don't, well, it'd be weird if you can know what I'm talking about.)

So this is something that I've always been curious about. I bounce off this question to lots of people before, and the answers were pretty much divided.

Would you rather have too much things to do, or nothing to do at all?

If you ask my good friend, Fairuz, he would definitely say: too much things to do; because he's a workaholic that way. The amount of work he does is almost inhumane! But at the same time, he seems happy, like he is content with his life. Well, that or I simply don't see him often enough to catch him on the times when he pulls off his hair out of stress. Unlikely, though.

If you ask my sister, she would answer: nothing to do; because her argument is, people can always find things to do. But you have no choice but to do things that you're supposed to do. Say, leave the money out of this equation and give her nothing to do. No jobs, nowhere to be, no duties and appointments. She will watch television while eating chocolate for 5 straight days, I'm telling you!

So I'm just slightly curious on what you people are thinking.

Me? Well, I'll write about it later on, I guess. (although the answer wouldn't be much of a surprise!)

So yeah! Let's try this out. ;)


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, and how it’s really just about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, every time you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you’re always glad you took it.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Aye, Aye, Captain!


So, do you remember that one episode on the fifth season of Sex and The City when the girls encountered these navy sailors all over New York City? Supposedly it was the day when the navy ship harbored in the city and the sailors had a few days to get off the ship to take a break and have fun.

Well. Today feels exactly like that day.

Seriously! I should look up the calendar and see what day is today! So, alright, what happened was, I came back from work, and as usual, I had to go to Jurong Point first. I already made plan to go see Sophia anyway at the mall. Upon entering the mall, I was overwhelmed by the sight of over 10 western men in uniform! Whoa.

So imagine this. Times 20.

Okay, so they may not be "sailors". From the uniforms, they were more likely to be some army soldiers. But hey, 'soldier' doesn't have the ring to 'aye, aye'. And I'm feeling highly nautical these days, so let's leave it at that. I'm sticking to 'sailors'! No complaints! Aye, aye, captain!

I saw about 8 standing in line for the ATM machine, and many more scattered around the mall! Oh c'mon. Why are you looking at me like that? Haha. Doesn't everyone kind of a have a thing for men in uniforms? ;)

Hahaha. So yeah, that was really funny. I still don't know what day is today and how come so many foreign sailors came out to play! It's like a holiday! =p Well, some eye-candies after a long hard day at work doesn't hurt. ;)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010


It’s been really hectic recently at work! Don’t you think there are just too many things you want to do yet there is too little time?


This is my urgent to-do list:
Finish the marketing book my boss lent me
Start the next freelance writing article that is due this week!
Learn more about yacht, read boating magazines
Join gym

Between the time you’re working until 6, and the those that you still want to set up for yourself, your family and friends, how else am I going to squeeze in time to do the other things during weekdays?

Anyway, yeah. It’s been an adjustment. But speaking of it, I really need to finish all those things on my list. *sigh*

This week has been better, workwise though. I think I am progressing!

Some days it seems like it'll never end. Like there's just too much to do.

The reality of the situation is, you'll never be finished. If you finish all the work you've got to do, you'll find more to do. You can never really reach the end.

So accept that. Be ok with it. Find the peace you're looking for in the now. In this moment.

Right now. Every now.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


When sadness was the sea, you were the one that taught me to swim.

But everytime I fell for you
I'm permanently black and blue
Permanently blue for you.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Super Oldies Pictures

So some weeks ago, my friend Sophia and I were bored at work. We’ve finished our tasks for the day, and ended up stoning and staring into space for an hour or so before I looked up to her and said, “This sucks.”

But before I could say it, apparently Sophia has been engaged in something really interesting because her eyes were transfixed to the screen and I knew it couldn’t possibly be work because I’ve never seen her look that serious before. She had a ‘don’t disturb me’ aura around her, but my boredom aura was so much stronger and therefore, could counter-attack hers.

So I slide my chair to her desk and peeped, “What are you looking at?”

She was looking at her Friendster. Anyone remember that era? I think I was in high school when Friendster started booming. Ah, those times when I threatened my friends to give me nice, complimenting testimonials, uploaded 10 pictures in a day, and dropped unnecessary comments in my friends’ profiles, hoping they would comment on mine back!

Obviously I have matured a lot since then. Duh?

Anyway. Ehem. We ended up cracking up seeing each other’s old pictures on Friendster. Sophia hasn’t changed much since a few years ago, though. Her hair was shorter, and she used to wear braces, but she still looked chic!

I mean, don’t we all grimace a bit upon seeing our old pictures?! I definitely grimaced a lot! My dad has this picture of me when I was probably, 14, in his room, and that was the most horrible period of my life because I was just growing my bangs so I had to clip it every time so it wouldn’t bother my eyes, and I was wearing braces, and my smile looked like someone has just given me mumps!

My younger sister and I used to store many of our old pictures in the old phone. And obviously, we thought we looked good then. So we titled these pictures “Really good!”

Now, I wonder how could anyone not run in the opposite direction upon seeing me in the street? Has our ‘standards’ really increased a whole lot since then? Or is this just a part of growing up? And will I see my current-self in the eye of my future-self as terribly horrific and nerdy?

So anyway, my younger sister and I cracked up seeing these old pictures which we titled as “Really good!” although we looked like we were just dropped to the lake, shook dry by a tornado, and brought back to the earth.

But the oldest picture in my Friendster is probably dated four to five years back? And I still somewhat looked okay in some of them. Apparently Sophia thought otherwise. She was like, “Babe! You look different! Now is so much better, lah.” She continued scrolling the page, oblivious that she has insulted my most cherished pride.

Albeit humiliating, it’s still fun looking at old pictures, isn’t it? I think I’ve mellowed a lot since then. Yeah, considering that most of the pictures I posted there were during my partying days.

Yeah, I'm definitely mellower but fatter now!

PS: I'm loving my new blogger template! What do you all think? The blue sky and the plane as the background, plus the greenish sidebar color! ;)

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Night.

You forget that, in the dark, we must move closer together in order to see each other. You were never alone.


My throat hurts, my nose is running non-stop and my head spins. Shit. I hate being sick.

I was perfectly fine on Saturday and was still going out at night to watch the World Cup with some friends. The next day, straight after waking up, my throat already hurt and I couldn't stop sneezing for the life of me. We went to JP for lunch, and I wasn't feeling very well by then. I told my sister I didn't want to stay long and my body was just dying for a nap.

We got back at probably, 4, and I crashed straight to bed. Somehow this didn't help much either, and I woke up in sweat a few hours later, still sneezing and the amount of tissues I've wasted probably would affect directly to the global warming.

Went to the doctor last night and was told it was a case of flu. I thought I'd feel better today after having the medication, but this morning was even worse. I didn't want to take the day off since I'm still so new and everything, but at that state I really couldn't bring myself to head to the shower, let alone go to work.

Hope this feeling passes by quickly. :(

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Quote of the Day

I feel that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Write-Up

I'm so glad it's the weekend! I just got back a while ago from the Esplanade. I went there after work to meet my sis and cous to check out this live performance at the Esplanade Bay. It happened to be a friend of my sis' colleague so we went there just to lend a support. The band was really, really good, I have to say!

Anyway, after being so down yesterday, I managed to pick myself up and just be positive today, and I'm pleased with how I handled things at work. Maybe there's a hope for me after all. ;)

So. My friend was kind enough to ask if he could read my book review (I'm surprised someone actually gives a rat's tootsie.) But for that, thank you lah dude.

Here goes. Hope you can read it this time.

Alright, does that work at all? I think if you're half-flinching, half-grimacing, half-pinching your eyes, you can sort of read it. Heee.

Speaking of write-up, I sent a short opinion letter and it made it to the local paper. It was a few years ago though. I just came across it again so I thought I'd put it here too.

One thing I'd like to say about this one was the fact that when I wrote the word 'damn' in the last paragraph, I thought it would have somehow been edited out. But it wasn't! Hahaha. It's kinda funny actually.