Monday, 26 November 2007

Finally, Again.

After what feels like an eternity of silence and complete introvert ness, I finally decided to update my blog, even though doing so from here (read: a place without sufficient internet connection) must be the most inconvenient thing ever, more inconvenient than that one time that I had to sit in my friend’s car’s baggage just because I was the only girl and he was kindly enough to think about my wellbeing because he said, quoted, “I don’t have the heart to let you being squashed in the backseat with these smelly guys like a sardine,” so I had to endure an hour trip to a party squatting down (like in the toilet) with my legs curled up and boy, I had had to win the national champion for the most awkward yoga-istic position ever. Well, anyway, you get the picture of the level of discomfort that I have to endure just to post a single post in the web. I’ve been putting it off for a long time but this morning I suddenly am overwhelmed with the desire to catch up with the rest of the moving world. I feel like I have to, otherwise my current-stagnant life will be declared and finalized because no one in the outside would even know I still exist and they would erase my name from their contact lists and just like that, technically I would be gone from the surface of the socialized-human-being-circles.

Okay, 5 seconds into this and I’m already babbling. Good way to impress the readers.

I’m doing okay here, I guess. I’m a little bit homesick, to be honest, which is funny because this is home and I don’t know since when that I started to consider Singapore my home too. I just realized that apparently I do. But then again, maybe it’s more than just the place. It’s just, I do nothing here and I feel my youth slipping away…No, no, I mean, I feel like I can do a lot of useful things back home. And it’s not like I’m saying that I’m completely useless here, well, I’m here for my dad and my sisters, keep them company and make noise in the house so it can never get too quiet and everything, but what about me? Technically I do nothing here besides going out with family and friends, watching DVDs and far too much MTV and E!, playing playstation, eating out and enjoying the luxury of maids and driver’s service, shopping, attending weddings..Believe me, it gets boring after a while. Sure you get to have fun without worrying about school and jobs but most of the time, you just want your activities back because then you wouldn’t feel like you’re just sitting here and being stuck while everyone else is moving forward. Guess when you’re in the midst of a hectic life, you wish for a calm and tranquil holiday, and when you do have one, all you want is the sound of phone’s reminders and days full of schedules and activities again.

So just to catch up, I spent last weekend staying over at a hotel in a beach. Believe me, it sounded a lot better than it actually was. Firstly, it was freaking hot out there and it has gotten impossible to be able to enjoy yourself without constant worry that you might burst into flame in any second. There was just this boiling and scorching heat that penetrated you straight to the brain, I think my skin’s shade has blackened at least a few strips down. Well, at least I saw the sea. I could say that proudly and let you all think that I ran around in the glamorous beach with a bikini on and drank lychee martini while suntanning and a masseur ready at a fingertip.

Here I also have the chance to attend too many weddings that I wish to care. I just realize that people are getting married all the time! I’m not really complaining as it gives me an excuse to dress up and score free food. And by now I’m certain that not in a million years will I ever hire ballerinas to dance in my wedding, no matter how romantic and exquisite it sounds!

Next month is going to be an exciting time for me! My closest cousin is getting married, I’m going to Bali, and there’s this one huge thing I’m really looking forward to! No, not my turning-21-birthday! Gosh suddenly I feel so old and elderly. No, the thing is, there’s another big thing and I don’t want to say it now but let’s just say that the day will probably be the most exciting and terrifying time ever.

I’m getting fatter too here. Hello?! Have you ever tasted the food here? It’s just awesome, you never ran out of good food around here. I’m constantly conscious of the level of sugar and fat that I have put on my mouth but I just can’t stop it.

I’m even writing here while munching over my favorite snack at the moment – milk bread. A heavenly soft and round bread with a sweet taste that is just pure addictive.

But other than my ballooning body and a slight change of hairstyle, I’m still the same old, same old. Still a camera addict, if you know what I mean.

Just a few pictures and you won't believe how much time I needed just to post these! Internet here is so unbelievable.

Hope to write again soon;) In the mean time, take care!