Wednesday, 4 November 2009

weekend, humpday

How was your weekend, guys?

I certainly had the most wonderful time for many reasons. Over the moon for a few days last weekend. I'm gonna let you guess.

By the way, just something completely random, I just learned that 'humpday' literally means mid-week which is Wednesday. You know how there's this upcoming movie with that title? I've always thought it meant something rather kinky. You know, like one of those rather-vulgar film like Superbad or something. The poster certainly screams that. But my friend said in the straightest expression ever, "Yeah, that means Wednesday..." It took me a few seconds to process. Okay, so I learned a new word, I love that fact alone. But now I feel like a total dummy because he made it sound like everyone in the entire world knew about it but me.

Do you guys really always know humpday literally means the day in the middle of the week?! If so, why haven't I heard about that before? Okay, it's bugging me although it's not even that much of a big deal. Well...

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