Monday, 16 November 2009


I cried twice while watching Astroboy.

What, you think it's just another material for my next comedy routine? Cried during Astroboy?! Ha-ha, now that's funny. Astroboy, as in that cartoon, you asked? Well yeah, the one and only. Except that we call it animation now, instead of cartoon. It's more sophisticated that way.

But honestly, though. The movie was even better than my expectation, and I knew it was gonna be cute and all, but it being sad was definitely unexpected. Especially with that poster?! Did you see the poster?! It's not the kind of poster people would call, tear-jerking!

You can't argue that Astro is damn cute, though! But you should definitely check it out 'cos it's really good. Now we can just forget that I cried. That I'm a lame sissy. Not that you can forget that!

Anyway, since Sis bought a new impressive Canon camera, we've been experimenting and taking many fun pictures. Last weekend we brought along the portrait lens and snapped away these random shots..(or maybe not so random.)

I love the blurriness of the background.

Creating a scene in the train.

You are my baby love.

How's your weekend, guys? I went to the beach on Sunday, but that's for another entry. In the mean time, go check out Astroboy aka the tear-jerker!

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