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June 27, 2008

Just keepin' it short.

For a while, whenever I feel like seeing movies and nobody seems to be available, I just refuse to see it alone. Probably because I've always found those lonely people, sitting by themselves in the dark cinema, a little bit sad. Don't they have friends? Are they anti-social? Are they smelly? BO issues? Why would anyone wanna go to the movies alone?

I've completely forgotten the whole point of going to the cinema, which is supposedly to watch a movie, alone or not.

But I've never quite grasped the concept, because to me, I'm bound to make comments ('gosh he is hot!', 'that guy looks familiar, does he play in this and that movie?' typically), to wanna see my companion laugh at the same jokes, whatever, but when you're alone, you have no one to talk to. Like I said, it seems sad.

But sis has done it numerous times and even babe urged me to try it sometimes. I believe she even used the word 'theurapheutical' and 'nice'. And both of them aren't sad people. Who knows? Perhaps they're right, perhaps watching a movie alone has a charm to it. A charm that only a few people who are willing to say 'one ticket, please' know about. Hey, have I been missing out?

So yesterday I decided to have a go at it. I have been spending the afternoon in the library for the preparation of my exam tomorrow. (Yes, I spent 10 mins staring into my notes, and the rest of the 3 hours reading a novel instead.) At about 4 I was feeling a bit depressed at the complete silence of the room so I went out to the entertainment centre. I decided I would see a movie alone. Contemplating between Get Smart and Incredible Hulk, I thought the first one would be more entertaining and less depressing, especially to be miserably seen alone.

Even as I queued up in the ticketing counter, I was skeptical, but before I knew it, I have paid and she has handed me the ticket. Oh well. And then the question on popcorn came up. Eating the popcorn by myself? Okay, so I could have had all the salty ones (I can't believe most of my friends prefer sweet! Is this some sort of conspiracy?!) but contrary of my usual watching ritual, I excluded the popcorn and just headed in to face the music.

2 hours later I came out, and the movie wasn't bad, the cinemas was neither that empty nor full, but well, I came to this resolution.

I don't like watching movie ALONE!!!!!

And that's in capital letters just to mark my point!

Barely at the start of the movie when Masi Oka appeared and people were gasping 'Hiro!' I wanted to roll my eyes so badly and if I have had my sister beside me, I would have mocked them endlessly, and I wouldn't have laughed by myself too in some of the scenes, and the part when Steve Carrell was pinned down in the plane, I would have made a remark that the scene reminded me of Harold and Kumar,..and okay, fine, so I'm a selfish talker who speaks during movie!

And after the movie ended, I would have asked my companion to rate it, but the only object I could ask was my handbag. And she wasn't that talkative. So I concluded that I'm not the 'going to cinema' alone type. I'm saying 'going to cinema' because I have watched movie alone at home before and it wasn't as bad. So perhaps the secret lies in the cinema.

What the hell?! Why am I debating over this?

But yeah, there it is, the resolution of the day. Can anyone relate or is watching movie in the cinema for you can be 'theurapheutical' too sometimes?

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