Friday, 13 November 2009

you and i..let's work this out.

So a friend of mine once used my blog as an example to his friend to prove a point that, well, we can have fun too while writing a journal, that not everything has to be taken so seriously, and that blogs can be filled with random, silly, humorous topics too.

Of course, he didn't use the word 'useless', 'rubbish', or 'meaningless' there, although I think he was just being nice. But hey, I appreciate that.

The thing is, yeah, I guess I started this blog years ago, thinking that I could just dramatize my life. Mostly in a non-serious way. I was a major drama-queen, if nothing else. But lately it seems that I wrote a lot about my struggles and emotions, and they are not always cheery.

[When I said 'not cheery', I meant 'boooooooring'.]

But I don't like how that turns out. I certainly miss rambling on and on about the most insignificant things in my life. Yeah, we need to bimbotize this blog again.

Did I really just say that out loud? Hm. I'm off to a good start.

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