Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fat. And a plan.

I probably don't need to remind you of how fat I've become these past few months. I'm not saying I'm fat, like in fat fat, but the fact is, I am getting fatter. I have people around me who constantly tell me that I look fine, that a little curves here and there wouldn't hurt, and true, I don't want to become one of those girls who look like sticks, like their arms are gonna break within the slightest touch or a blow of wind.

No, I don't wish to be skinny, but I do want to lose a few pounds because I have been gaining weight recently, and I notice the difference in the size of my arms and thigh, particularly. Yes, every now and then, an old friend who hasn't seen me in a few years would comment, "hey, you look chubbier now.." but that's not the reason why I want to lose weight. (because there's nothing left of my ego to lose. Kidding!)

Oh, but you know what. Maybe I should show you with a picture. Now, kids, look away now, and guys, in case you're eating when you see this, I recommend you to finish your meal first. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Seriously, now. Now I really have no ego left.

And that picture is probably suitable for a fattening pill commercial. Although, I don't think there is such thing. The first picture was taken three years ago, and I have to say, that was the shortest shorts I have ever worn. It's so short, it looks as if I barely had any pants on.

I still have that shorts, but now the police probably would have to shoot me first before I get to wear that out again. I can't imagine how many people I might traumatize and corrupt with that sight.

The "after fattening pill" picture was just taken last Sunday on my outing to the beach. Yes, similar occasion, same beach even. But look at my arms and thigh! That shorts wasn't even nowhere as short as the first one, yet my thigh looked like it was ready to jump around everywhere. I could barely contain it in place. Same case with my arms, which is probably twice the size of the original form.

Does that look healthy to you?! Curves in your hips, yeah, that's awesome, but not in your arms and thigh, I don't think so!

So I started to pick up running these days, and you would know how uncharacteristic of me to wanna run since I hate sweating and I hate sports even more. But I surprise myself by actually enjoying it. Well, at least as far as doing sports goes. I would still rather choose lazing around in my couch than going running, are you kidding? But I mean, it's good to be a little more active too, and I found the perfect track and place to run which is not far from my apartment.

Interesting thing about it, yeah, I get to run and stay healthy and hopefully shred a few pounds in the process, but there's something else that comes with the territory everytime I go running at my favorite place: people-watching.

I normally run in the evening around 6, and I started noticing the same people who always run at that time too, and it's like, there's this unspoken acknowledgment among us. And the people are always very interesting and diverse. There's this indian girl who looks like she's about to train for marathon or something judging by the intensity of her work-out, a chinese uncle who sweats like no other, I can almost see the sweat dripping like a faucet, two teenage boys who always run side-by-side and never missing a beat like siamese twins, an old couple who stroll in the track so slowly like the entire place is theirs. And then there's me. A girl who looks like she's about to pass out anytime.

One time during last week when I was running, I passed this chinese man in bicycle and he shouted, "Jia you!" at me, which means "good luck" in english. Not that I don't appreciate his encouragement or anything, but I wonder, I must have looked beyond stupid for him to say that. I was panting and running in such a pathetic pace.

But hey, at least he didn't call me a fatty.

But all jokes aside, I really am serious about staying healthy and all that. I still eat like normal, but I just make a point of not consuming too much of anything. I hardly drink soft drinks anymore, and when I used to drink green tea everyday at home, now I make a point to have plain water instead. And I eat apple everyday, try to have more vegetables and salad too, and hopefully I can keep up with running and actually feel better about myself.

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