Monday, 5 October 2009

Weekends : Big Ball of Awesomeness!

So I'm writing this at the library. Before you cast an impressed-glance at me, setting the record straight, no, I'm not studying and I'm not reading intelligent books. Not so impressed anymore, are you?

Well, I'm just fed up at being home so I went over here, simply because I like being in a library. It provides a real me-alone time, which otherwise I seldom have. Especially when you live with your sisters and cousin, not that I'm complaining. But still, sometimes you just wanna be alone, you know? And here, with the trickling water sound, the pure silence, and the endless choice of books, what more can you ask for?

Even though I'm just pretty much doing the same things I would do at home with a computer, (facebook? twitter? blogging?) still the ambience's all different. Anyway, don't blame me, I'm a geek.

So, I thought I'm just gonna write a bit about my weekend, which in short, is just a big pure ball of awesomeness. On Friday night, I met up with my high school friend who just moved in town to work for a couple glasses of Tiger. I met another friend after that for yet another couple glasses of Tiger, seriously, there's only so much beer you can take at one-go. That was slightly..excessive. But it was great, especially seeing an old high school friend whom I haven't seen in over four years.

The next day, I met up with another group of friends at the beach, and it's official! I wanna live by the sea! I totally love being near the water. Being at the beach itself was awesome, but catching up with friends was even better. We took loads of silly pictures and goofed around by playing frisbee and laughing at kids who got stuck in the middle of 'flying fox' ride. The weather was perfect, since it has been cloudy the whole day. It was cold and windy, but definitely better than scorching hot.

Towards late evening, we bid goodbye and my little sister and I went over to meet our older sis and cousin for sushi and tepanyakki dinner. Albeit tired from being outdoor the whole day, on our way home we still stopped by Chinese Garden to see the lantern-festival. The whole place was decorated by hundreds of colorful lanterns, and it was so crowded. I didn't know lantern festival is such a big deal, but hey, anything for anything worth celebrating.

On Sunday, all four of us ventured out to Bedok Reservoir to climb trees. Well, don't you know? Once every blue moon, we have desires to play Tarzan for a day. It's kinda our thing. We don't get enough actions in real life, I suppose. *chuckling* No, actually, my little sister and I were up for something new! My older sister and cousin have been Tarzans once before, so they're slightly more experienced up there in the trees.

Me? I just looked so awkward and out-of-place. It's not my habitat. But I tried, and I finished all obstacles! So I'm damn proud. Even though my whole body ached after that, I finally could scream that trademark-Tarzan's-yell with pride.

Auoooooauuuuauuuuauuu will never sound the same ever again.

Dinner at Bedok was awesome too. I found this really delicious chicken curry that's just super heavenly. It absolutely breaks my heart that I will have to go all the way cross-country to Bedok again just to have that curry.

I have loads of pictures from the weekend, and I'm gonna post them here in the next post!

I still need to write more! It's like, I'm losing all my creative juices these days. I just have a lot on my mind, it's hard to keep up the positivity and upbeat attitude all the time. Who wants to read about depressing stuffs, right?>But I miss all of you! =) Don't give up on me yet! And yeah, the drama-queen is back!

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