Tuesday, 6 October 2009

twisted dream

So if you follow me on Twitter, you must have heard about this really twisted dream I had last night. Yeah, last night, literally, so the memory's still all fresh and vivid, thank you very much.

Now, in the dream department, I have experienced some real weird, freaky shits, like once, I dreamed about a bomb explosion here in Orchard Road. I started thinking whether deep inside, I have this violence gene ready to burst out in the open, 'cos normally in real life I'm as harmless as a fly. Maybe it's a way to channel all my insides' anger and frustration. Or, maybe I'm just thinking tad too much. Stop it, dork.

But the dream I had last night certainly topped the twisted-dream list. To give you the shorter version, it involved me being pregnant with well, a child, duh. The father of the child happened to be an old high school friend of mine, which made it even freakier! But anyway, that's not the shocking bit. Anyway, I gave birth, right, yes, my stomach was sliced open and the baby was born, yada yidi yida, big deal. We returned home, and came back to the doctor somehow the next day, and I was told I was pregnant again. Literally, the very next day that I just shot the first child out of my womb.

I woke up and I was so, totally, utterly relieved that I was laying in my bed. Like, it's not even about how biologically impossible that is, but just the thought of being pregnant again absolutely shook me to pieces. So yeah, I guess I don't have to tell you how I feel about kids.

Ugh. Kids. That freaking dream scared the shit outta me.

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