Thursday, 15 October 2009


So cool things have been happening.

Or not. Dad's in town, and we're planning to celebrate his birthday (which was like, last week already!) this weekend, so we'll see what dorky plan we're gonna have in store for poor Daddy...

I know I haven't been writing much at all. I've been meaning to, but seems to get sidetracked every time. I guess the highlight of these last few days is just,

a) I realized I'm so in love with Michael Cera.

b) I started seeing his short films on the internet, which made me fall in love even more with him.

c) I just saw Paperheart yesterday, and man, he's just super adorable.

Any guess what's the common subject on those three things? Okay, I'm a dork. Michael Cera is such a cutie, though! I like his geekiness and his awkwardness, somehow all of 'em are very endearing.

But just because I put his picture as my profile picture on Facebook doesn't mean I've undergone a cross-gender transformation, okay! I have to remain as girl so I can seduce him when I do meet him in person. When and/or if. A girl can dream.

I can't stand the cuteness!

Other than that I guess I've just been hanging out with friends and catching movies. It's raining now here, so I'm feeling kinda lazy.

But I'm gonna see Inglorious Basterds next week and I'm so pumped about it!

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