Friday, 9 October 2009


I think I'm kind of a neat freak.

Okay, so my room may not be sprinkling clean all the time, in fact I can be pretty messy in that department, but I'm a neat freak in other areas.

Like, when it comes to writing. And paper, and colors, and space, text alignment. When I work and do assignment, I have to do it my way, and I'm very particular about it. I know exactly what font I want to use, and it's gonna bug me all night if I know the space isn't right, or the alignment isn't neat.

Journals - I write in a certain method, and I won't have it any other way. All the writings I do in this blog, it appears so because I want it to look exactly like that. The size, the picture placement, the background, theme, and even just a little thing like, not having even a little excess space where it won't serve any function at all.

It bothers me to no end if my blog or multiply site look 'messy', and it bugs me even more when I can't find the right theme for it. Because every now and then, I like to change the background just for fun, but that means I have to look for another theme where everything else will still come into place and look as neat as before. Changing the theme means changing the font, the picture, the size, and every other things in the blog, including the midgets and how they are placed. I sometimes spent hours and hours just changing to a new theme after another because nothing satisfied me yet, and I wouldn't stop, literally, until I found the 'one'. I just can't let it go.

True enough, I'm very particular about my writings as well, especially the appearance of it when I write in a notebook. I have to have the right color of pen, the right line to start my sentences in a way that it looks best. I think I freak myself out sometimes, by how 'organized' and 'tidy' I am. Friends have always been borrowing my notes ever since elementary school.

Suddenly feel like rambling about this because I just spent the last 15 mins or so changing and 'repairing' the alignment texts in my 'the best' entry. It looks good now, so I'm happy. Funny how such simple thing nobody seems to care about, could mean so much to me. Fonts? Text alignments? Dork.

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