Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Uncle and Aunt in Town

Hey guys! So this is the first entry of the new month, wooo! Are you excited? Are you, are you, are you, are you??

I feel like I need to write something good to commemorade this moment, but I'm afraid this is gonna be a short post. It's only 10 pm now but I've had a long day. My favorite uncle and aunt are in town, so I've spent the whole day today with them from Changi, Simei, Orchard, Clarke Quay to City Hall.

We had lunch at Food Republica in Wisma Atria, and a really great dinner at Shokudo in Raffles City Mall. I actually shouldn't eat that much (I'm officially on diet!) but well, I had salad! (plus pizza, omellette, and etc etc), but at leat I had my greens. Right? Fine, I'm in denial. I started drinking vegetable juice too, although in theory (and principle), drinking something green is just wrong!

Okay, now it's Friday, 9.34 am and yesterday went by like a breeze 'cos I was out with my aunt and uncle the whole day too. I'm so glad to spend time with them, in a way, my aunt becomes a sort of a mother figure to me, because she's Mom's sister and they're alike in so many ways. My aunt and uncle are very kind, warm people and I'm extremely blessed to have them in my life.

Yesterday morning we went to the hospital for my uncle's surgery. It sounded scary, but actually the surgery was a mild one. Still, though, the word surgery itself sent me off the roof, and it was like, opening up a whole box of bad memories I would rather forget. But, the good part is, it wasn't serious and everything went well. The procedure only took half an hour, and by noon we already left the hospital and moved on with our lives. I'd be very happy not to ever step a toe in a hospital every again.

I am never good with consoling people. It's funny 'cos I'd like to think that I'm good with people most of the time. Yet, throw me in a sensitive scenario and I find myself unable to think of something meaningful to say. Making jokes seem very inappropriate, yet talking about the problem brings no good either. Now I'm just glad that it's over and hopefully that'd be the end of it.

The day went great after that. We had lunch and stopped by the apartment where they stayed, and just hung out and talked. In the evening we went to Orchard and met my sister there. My uncle tried MOS burger and we had sushi dinner at Sushi Tei in Taka.

My right eye started to act up ever since the evening, for some reason it just got red and because we were out the whole day, I couldn't just take off my lense. I braced through it until I got home at 10.30 pm and by the time I took it off, my eye got significantly redder and swollen too. It's annoying! We were supposed to have lunch this afternoon before my aunt and uncle fly back to Jakarta today.

"Well, you wanna just wear an eye-patch to lunch later then?" my sister asked sweetly when I told her I may not be able to join her later if my eye doesn't get any better. Eye patch?!! Is she kidding? I've never seen anyone wear eye patch in real life apart from bad pirate movies.

I hope it gets better soon, cos it's 10 now and I better go and take a shower if I ever want to go. Well guys, I'll see you around. Have a great day!

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