Saturday, 25 July 2009

The old but new blog

Recently I was contemplating of exporting my blog to Wordpress, because of a few reasons. First, Blogger has been acting up and I couldn't seem to post a new entry in a proper template. A while ago, I had a similar problem, being unable to upload pictures. But after a week or so, the trouble went away on its own, the site seemed to repair itself, and although you may think that I could have harboured some hard feelings, I haven't...much.

Afterall, even though I couldn't upload a picture then, I still at least could write an entry and the lack of pictures wouldn't matter much. But the latest problem I encountered of not even being able to post an entry in a decent, normal template signalled something else altogether. That Blogger is having some troubles? That maybe it's his way of telling me I have exceeded the rubbish-entry limit allowed? That the ridiculous amount of pictures I posted have taken away the rest of the memory space? How would I know?

Anyway this was going on for almost a week, and that's why I haven't been updating much at all. I restarted and shutted down my computer, not that it would make a difference. I was just desperate, and naive.

The next reason is that being a short-attention-span person like myself, it's amazing I could keep this blog for over two years now. I haven't been able to keep anything for half that time ever, or if I have, it would just be there, sadly unmaintained. After two years, a change might be nice, and a lot of my friends use Wordpress, I've always thought their templates looked nice and clean.

So last night I was toying around with the newly fresh page in Wordpress, but then I realized a few things. First of all, initially I wanted to export this blog over there, but I have two different email address for this Blogger blog and the Wordpress one, so exporting contents among these two apparently was undoable.

As appealing as the concept of really starting up an empty blank site was, Wordpress felt so unfamiliar because I have gotten so used to navigating my way through Blogger, and I'm still making a lot of assumptions with Wordpress. It bugs me, because I'm very particular about certain things. Like fonts, especially. Without noticing, I was awake 'til almost 2 am last night just trying out each template because even though some were good, they weren't good enough. Suddenly things don't look the way it should, I can't change the font and color to my liking, there are options I don't understand, and those I can't find.

Even more ironic is that shortly after I actually created a Wordpress account, I checked back my Blogger and soon found out, that the New Post option has, indeed, returned to normal.

Now I can write a post, post pictures, and make my way through this familiar website again. My two-years coupling with Blogger has never felt better. And I want to keep it, I no longer long for something new. This is perfect as it is.

Of course Wordpress has its perks, as its users would be able to testify, but in a personal game of Blogger vs Wordpress, I think I still want to hang on to this one. To commemorade the return of the condor heroes, eh, I mean, the return of the normal Blogger, I've changed my header picture to the awesome San Francisco's skyline.

That's another thing. The header looks so much better here in Blogger. =)

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