Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Happiness Project - Day 3

1. Enjoying hot Milo in the morning has never been this good..
2. Finished my article for today and started a bit for tomorrow.
3. Knocked off a little after six, which was a very rare occasion!
4. Had a really enjoyable time having dinner and talking with my colleague. Thank you for opening up to me. :)
5. She ran out of money on her cash card so we were stuck in the parking lot. We tried asking some random kid to help us top-up the cash card and we would pay him cash in return, and he looked at us so fearfully like we were gonna rob him blind. That was hilarious!
6. In the end, a really nice lady lent us her cash card and we drove away gratefully! Meeting random nice people is the best, don't you agree?

there’s a piece of you that’s here with me. it’s everywhere i go. it’s everything i see.


♥ Lady Wen ♥ said...

Hi Christina, I've been reading your blog. Glad to see that you are having a good time. It just puzzles me as to why you are ignoring me, perhaps u find me a nuisance even though I really see you as my friend.


t e e n a said...

Hi Wendy,
I don't mean to be ignoring you, I've just been busy and I can't make plans far in advance..;( I don't mind meeting you as a friend, but you seem to be just interested in offering me insurance ;S

♥ Lady Wen ♥ said...

Thanks for replying Christina.

I dunno, that day we agreed to meet on Monday and u said you were on MC so I smsed to say that hope u'll be okay and whether u would like to meet on Wed or Thurs which was just 2 and 3 days later, is it really "far in advance"?

You could have gotten back to me as a friend would when you were not busy? I felt hurt because I knew you were not THAT busy that you couldn't take 20 seconds to reply an sms?

And I did tell you from the start that there is no obligation, even when you choose not to do anything, I still love and respect you as my friend and want to have a relationship with you.

I'm sorry for bringing all this up but I had to be honest with you because that's what friendship is about? Honesty and authenticity right?

I valued your friendship before I became a Financial Consultant and I still value your friendship after becoming one, it doesn't have to change because of my career choice right? I value your friendship no matter what, I just thought you would feel the same.