Saturday, 17 April 2010


Why is the weather so mean to us lately?

It always gets scorching hot in the afternoon when I go out for lunch, resulting in extreme perspiration and smelly armpit. And then I’m back in the comfort of my office, and suddenly the sun mellows a few notches. I grunt a little, but continue on working.

Around evening time, the sky starts to make certain blowing noises. Suddenly the sun is not only mellow anymore; it completely shies away from attention as if all of a sudden it catches a terrible stage-fright. It hides itself perfectly behind some thick brown clouds.

But fine. It doesn’t bother me as much.

Over the next hour or so, though, extreme transformation can be seen in the face of the sky. Now it turns completely dark. The sun is no longer in sight by this time and instead, more and more crazy, fierce-looking clouds are appearing. Their growling noises are louder; people in Johor Bahru probably can hear it too.

Some sights of lightning are witnessed. These lightning don’t mess around; they are extremely deadly and vicious. If you don’t want to get roasted to the skulls, you better don’t act tough.

So now there is a combination of deadly lightning and crazy amount of black clouds in the sky. The sun has admitted defeat after being K.O-ed by these dirty-mouth gangsters. It’s only a matter of time until they endow the entire Singapore , Johor and some say Batam with dirty, bad-ass water accompanied by violent winds that can knock down even Mike Tyson.

By 6, the rain is pouring down like cats and dogs, and any hope left for us to go home is completely nonexistent.

So what do we do? We can only stare blankly through the window, mentally cursing the rain, and continue working. Not because we want to, but because we have no choice. The boss passes through the room, sees how hardworking we are, and she smiles her evil grin.

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