Saturday, 10 April 2010

Blue Nails

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to a nail place for a much-needed manicure. I’ve always had variations of red color for my nails, so I wanted something different.

What could be better than blue, right? Well, it is uncommon, but that’s the whole point of it all! Anyway, the person who did my nails kept praising my ‘courage’ for deciding to paint my nails in this color. She kept asking, “Are you sure?” even though I looked neither stricken nor hesitant. If anything, I was excited!

Failed to see this however, she bombarded me with more questions like, “Aren’t you worried that people might stare at you?” as if having blue nails is the equivalent of growing another set of head or having four eyeballs.

“Eh. Nooooooooo.” I said, rather surprised that this seemed like such a big deal to her.

“You’re quite an adventurous and hip person, are you?” she added after a while.

"You know...For having blue nails," she said as if it was so obvious.

Jeeze louise!

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