Sunday, 18 April 2010

Random pictures again

So. I'm so happy it's Saturday and I have the day off from work. It's like, I'm so living in the moment right now that I don't even think about the busy days I will inevitably have in the next week. All I know is that today and tomorrow are still holidays, so I'm not even gonna let my mind wander off from that. Today is a huge slacking day, and I'm loving it!

So in this bimbotic moment (where I shall not use any parts of my brain to think of what to write, since I do that on daily basis already), I'm just gonna post some random pictures taken by my new camera! Who's got a new toy? Me! Me! Me! Pick me! Pick me!

Okay. Sorry about that. I warned you! I'm not gonna even think! My fingers are moving on their own!

So check this out. This is a pathetic little corner in my room (which is obviously, a huge mess) where I normally sit and use the computer. It's filled with my junk (hair dryer, books, and ridiculous amounts of cables swirling around), but that's not what I wanna show off here. Anyway, I really want to look for skyline poster to put on that empty wall right behind the table. I have yet to get one! Unbelievable!

The magazines that I keep in my desk at work. And the manager actually came to me one day a few months ago and gave me that little 'tiger' soft toy because I'm a tiger baby! So now that little tiger sits there all day, looking at me working with its two big cute eyes.

And this is my desktop wallpaper! I actually set my work computer to have similar wallpaper too. I don't know, I feel more inspired every time I see city structure and lights like this. I love it!

Eh, I have no explanation for this, aside from that I was just testing some features from my camera! Honest!

I use more contrast feature in this one. The color is probably a little darker than normal. Anyway, I'm loving the camera so far! See, now I have a reason to take more pictures again. Good for me, bad for you. Sorry!

Alright. It's past midnight now and I need to lie down! I need as much beauty sleep as I can get. Especially when I will have to stay 'til 8 for work this Monday. Yeah.

Tell me about your weekend too, though. Last night I had drinks with my colleagues after work, which was awesome. So, how's yours? Til next time, good night!

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