Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Ranting again.

How I miss going on and on and on about nothing in particular! I've been so wrapped up with things, I'm losing all my artistic/creative cells (if I even had any to begin with.) Usually, every time I read my older blog posts, I would cringe to myself, be ashamed of the dorkiness and randomness I have conjured, but lately, I just smile pleasantly reading all the good things I wrote, which was meant to turn myself into a more positive person! Which, I guess is good! But, I'm missing all the drama!

I miss being me! (gosh, how narcissistic does that sound?) I miss whining and complaining about the whole world being against me and all self-centered things like that. (in case you haven't known, the universe does revolve around me. Yeah, if you're in looney-land.)

The thing is, I can't entirely blame my happiness project for turning me into a one-dimensional happy person. If anything, I should blame my own lack of social skills and activities nowadays. My day consists of getting up, going to work, knocking off work, and going home. The vicious cycle continues. And you blame me for having nothing interesting to say?

I guess I can write about how sparkling my computer screen is today, or about how the clouds look magnificently white as I gaze outside the window. But that hardly makes for an engaging read, doesn't it?

My definition of social activities are just gossiping with my colleagues during lunch time. And I'm only showing my ridiculously charming personality through the phone when I'm making phone calls for work. Geez. Other than that, you have better chance in having fun talking to a wall.

My sisters are no help either. They are so much fun to be around that I always make plans with them, and thus, not going out with friends. Like yesterday, for instance. Initially I was thinking of having dinner with a friend of mine after work. But then a text from my sister came. "Sis! Go home straight after work! I've bought Padang food for dinner!" C'mon, how could you say no to that? The thing with having my sisters around, not only are they awesome, they know me the best. The day before, they lured me to dinner by using salmon as a bait. Bless them. I wasn't complaining!

And if I asked you, hey, what's my current favorite song? You wouldn't be able to answer, but ask my little sister, and she wouldn't bat an eyelid and say, "Eenie Meenie"! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's official. I'm shameless. Justin Bieber is my guilty pleasure. On the way back from dinner a few days ago, my little sister and I watched the music video of that song in repeat and imitated the dance moves aka hand gestures of Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber.

You would probably be scarred to life had you been there. Even my cousin has given up when it comes to my crazy antics. I would dance randomly at home, and sing along to "Baby" without warning which he's secretly afraid of but wouldn't admit.

So work has taken over my social life, so what? I still find time to hang out with the people that I care about. I do miss partying days, but I know I'll have plenty of that in the future! I'm making the most of work life (and the money that comes along with it.) ;)

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