Saturday, 9 May 2009


I concluded that my current life is not worth blogging about, well, at least not for the past five minutes or so. I just took a bath, unless you wanna hear that in great details (like, what brand of soap did I use, or what color was my towel), I'd say you're not missing out on much.

So well, last night I went out for dinner with my uncle's family and the kids. First, it hit me just seeing how bigger and older they've seem to become in the past few years that damn, time flies indeed. But then, I seldom see myself in that way. I mean, I had birthdays and all, and a brief, surfacing realization said that I was getting older, and I knew it at the time. I'm never big on birthdays anyway, kept telling myself it's just a number and it didn't really mean a thing.

But, shockingly I became acutely aware that I am twenty-two now. Today one of my best friend turns twenty-three. I have former high school friends who are already married with kids. Real kids, not like pets or anything. Real breathing, tiny-human-kids. I mean, they're as old as me, no wait, as young. And here they are, being wifes, and hold on for the scariest part: moms.

Anyway, my aunt was telling me all sorts of things about making the right decisions about men, what to look for in a husband, about how marriage is all about compromises and it's not always fun in the sun, that I felt like I've aged for about twenty years.

I'm not supposed to be thinking about it at all yet! Twenty-two is young, I wanna scream. Besides, there are other things I really should be worried about, like, oh wait, getting a job!

So perhaps yeah, I am getting older, and yeah, it's time to pull the responsible-act, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to grow alien in my tummy anytime soon. End of story.

Yeah, my little cousins are growing up to be little hearthrobs. In my absence, one has managed to outgrow me by a head, dropped his voice to a manly bass, and put up an air of coolness and 'I don't give a shit' attitude. I was like, "oh, don't give me that, I've seen you since you were only this size, running around in diapers." Oh, I love my cousins.

Another new thing I learnt while being home, is knowing my little sister's boyfriend. Those two are so cute you can't help but feeling affectionnetally jealous. (yeah, I think I made up that word.) Cruelly enough, this makes me feel so old as well. My little sister and her boyfriend have been going out for a year, seriously. But because she's my dearest sister, I'm willing to set aside my selfishness for a while, and I'm honestly really happy for them. What a way to restore my faith in love if those two can last, nothing beats the 'high school sweethearts' story.

I'm going to see another aunt and cousins now, and hopefully this time they won't make me feel like a Dinosaur.

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