Sunday, 17 May 2009

Nothing like family.

I love my family, that's a given. And they love me; they love me too much to the point that they can't stand seeing me alone, a woman on a certain age, unaccompanied by a gentleman, that is just too much to handle for these folks.

Especially since my little sister is way more mature than me these days. Her boyfriend is practically part of our warm yet slightly neurotic big family now. But of course, we are friendly, welcoming people, and we're happy for each and every additional unsuspecting poor innocent fellow that we can get.

"Get him to come, and watch me play tennis!" my uncle said, hafly ordered, referring to my sister's boyfriend. I'm sure there were at least fifty-one other things he would rather do with my sister on a Saturday night than to watch my uncle try to maul a tennis ball, but he couldn't say no to that, could he?

Ah, yes, welcome to the family.

So, last week I was at my aunt's house and a few of my uncles were there too. It's just part of our usual gathering, 'cos my aunt has this amazing karaoke machine and I was pretty much migrating there everyday to fully utilize it. The house has never been that loud before. (they should have never given me the microphone.)

Anyway, the conversation quickly turned to me, and as any other families, they started questioning the logic behind my nonexistential boyfriend. Soon enough they decided to take matters into their own hands and do what they know best: playing matchmaker.


"You know, Tin, I know someone at work who has a young son who just got back from his studies at America. He doesn't know that many people here, I think it's a good idea to introduce him to you?" uncle #1 began.

As if unwilling to get overshadowed, my other uncle also mentioned about his wife's sister's son who happens to be in Singapore too, and who is, according to him, "really handsome", "smart", and "rich."

"I am absolutely positive that you would think he's handsome too!" he passionately declared. But of course, I was skeptical, he and I don't exactly share the same taste in men, I am pretty certain about that.

He then called his wife to tell her about his genius plan of making up a letter for this "very handsome" guy which they would give to me for him to take when I get back to Singapore. He deliberately explained this as if he has been planning about it for the last five years.

As everyone there cheered and approved, I sat there, thinking, 'whose family is this again?' while mentally visualizing choking my satisfied-looking uncle.

Yes, welcome to the family, this 'super handsome' fellow. I feel sorry for you.

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