Wednesday, 6 May 2009

24/7 Connected

I am loving the new Blackberry. Well, okay, it's not technically mine, in fact, it is not mine, I'm merely a temporary owner in this one. But hey, I treat it like it's my own, so don't I get credit?

It's not like I'm doing much of anything here, and man, isn't it great. For the first time I can really chill, be pampered and not worry about doing laundry or making up the bed. It's almost like a vacation, and not to mention, there is the never-ending food galore..

Anyway, back to the Blackberry thing. I'm now blogging through the computer, so it's alright. My previous entry was crap, cos I wrote that through the phone and well, it's crap, I had to delete it 'cos it was too sore for the eye.

But it's like being autist with this thing. You are almost constantly on the phone all the time, and what wasn't a need before, is now a need. You know what I mean? Like, why bother checking mail 24/7? Businessmen from ten years back are just as efficient as those nowadays, yet the constant demand for being on-the-go and reachable is too much these days. People invented mobile phone so they can be reached in emergency situations, but eventhough everyone's at home, nobody really calls through landline anymore.

And why would people want to be reached 24/7 anyway? So they can be worried about one hundred and one things on weekends?

Even with that said, why can't I get enough of this Blackberry thing, then? Maybe because everyone else is doing the same? That even when you're opposing it, you can't help but tagging along?

Well, I suppose it's alright doing that now, as long as you don't get addicted or anything. I like the phrase 'it's okay wanting things, as long as you don't get pissed off when you don't get them'. You know? I'll be back to Singapore, being the technologically-retard that I am, and it's alright.

So. I'll see you at gchat? Or windows messenger? Or just give me your BB pin? =p

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