Saturday, 30 May 2009

Night at the Salsa Club

I just came back from salsa club, where I had my first ever salsa lesson! Well, I didn't go there particularly to dance salsa, 'cos even before learning it, I knew I would suck. Sometimes you just know things! Actually, I came there to celebrate!

I should probably tell you that I received an amazing news today, and I have been restless ever since. I just wanted to go out and blow off some steam, drink a little. Just at that vulnerable moment did I say 'okay!' to going to a place where I could easily humiliate myself. Under normal circumstances, I would have been more than reluctant getting into a scenario where public embarrassment would be simply inevitable.

This is one of them.

It's salsa slash fashion show event there tonight, so it was definitely interesting. Before the show began, I was forced to take this lesson for the beginners. You know, I was shown the basic steps and we had to dance and exchange partners. I completely suck.

No, everyone was polite enough to say 'that's a lot better!' but their eyes betrayed them! I knew I was terrible. Period.

But still, was it fun. After an excruciating hour of feet-stammering and awkward dance moves, we headed back to the main club/dance area where people have already occupied all corners of the room. The fashion show then began soon after, and personally, I had awesome time mocking. I found it all amusing, because well, granted they were all dance clothes, but boy, were they skimpy!

Under the segment 'Glamour', models were wearing glittery dresses which suffocated their boobs and made half of their whatnot come out. Hmm. Glamour?

But during the intermissions between the fashion shows, the dance floor was open for anyone who wanted to show-off their skills. They were so intimidatingly good. I can't tell whether they're dancing or doing acrobats, for goodness' sake. One minute her head was on the floor, the next he threw her body up, and don't get me started on the tricks and turns! The really good ones made the dancing look so effortless!

Me? I wasn't drunk enough to do any of that! I simply sat there, amazed. I was enjoying the music and the crowds, and I thought, I have done enough damage for today. Hello? Traumatizing those poor guys, my dance partners? Probably the best decision I've had in weeks.

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