Friday, 16 January 2015


I still feel like half my soul is left in New Zealand! Although I've just been back for 2 weeks, my travel bug is itching again and I found myself looking at travel packages to Hong Kong! (I think I really have a problem.)

Then again, work has been crazy and coming at me at full force. I know I said that this year will be the greatest year yet, but man, I'm going to have to earn every bit of that dollar. Ha! Okay, I'm supposed to blog about my New Zealand adventure, but I don't even know where to start.

Should I start at how terribly sick I got on the first day we reached Christchurch? Or maybe I should start describing how amazing and gorgeous New Zealand landscape and view is, and how I immediately got depressed that I probably wouldn't see that kind of view ever again. Or hey, maybe I can start writing about that breathtaking stargazing tour we had at Lake Tekapo, seeing Jupiter and the milky way and the most beautiful night sky full of stars that I have ever seen in one lifetime. Or the glow worm caves, or the zipline adventure in Queenstown, or the out-of-this-world Mount Cook and the glaciers at Franz Josef, or the horse riding journey along the lakes and mountains, feeling like Arwen in Lord of The Rings.. and I could go on forever.

But the sad thing is that nothing I would say could do any of it justice. Where's the blue lake and green mountains and bright blue sky?

Brb while I sob myself to sleep, dreaming of the gorgeous view of New Zealand..

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