Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So you all know I'm a huge '24' fan, and I probably have mentioned that I'm currently using the CTU sound as my SMS ringtone. (Okay, if you watch 24, you know what sound I was talking about.) Anyway, not many of my friends even know about the series, let alone watch it. But, I'm a fan because I'm a television-nerd as it is.

So, hopefully people won't think 'what the HECK is that sound?!' if they know where this is from.

Anyway! I was with my friend last night for dinner, and at one time, my CTU tone was ringing, and I spontaneously grabbed my phone and checked the message. But there was nothing on it, and I saw that my friend picked up his phone to answer a call!

I started blinking in disbelief. Could it be that my friend, the person that I've been hanging out a lot lately, is a huge '24' fan too?! And not just that, could he really be using the CTU sound that I thought, only a few people knew about?!

After he was done with his phone call, I literally yelled to ask about his ringtone. He screamed in excitement too, "CTU!!!!"

Ohmy! I think I've found my male version! Okay, I just found this whole thing so amusing. I suddenly have a newfound respect for my friend. Well, at least I know he has a good taste.

I was nearly fainting when he exclaimed, "I love Jack Bauer!"

I'm such a dork.


Dizzwah said...
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Dizzwah said...

That is cool. i have that tone too.... it really confuses ppl who dont watch 24. but what i want to know is why are`nt they watching!

t e e n a said...

do you really?!!
hahahaha cool! my friend uses the CTU sound as his ringtone so he can answer and be like, 'Almeida here!' hahahaha.