Thursday, 10 December 2009

hooked on series

I think you were there when I was so obsessed with '24'. That might have been the only thing I talked about for at least a few days, and I finished 24 episodes in one season in just a matter of days! I guess that's why it's called obsession, huh?

Plus, I'm a movie junkie, which makes me more prone to this, and I'm loving it if I can get good-enough TV shows to get me really hooked and forget about everything else, like, eating, or doing something productive. (almost...) Although, on a second thought, watching makes me feel hungry even more often than usual, 'cos I like having snacks and nibbling on food while watching. Shucks, that's why my diet always fails miserably.

And now, I think I found my new obsession in Alias and Survivor Samoa.

Both shows are amazing, and equally addictive! I have three complete seasons of Alias at home, which my sister bought a while ago. I've been starting from the first season and I'm now on to Disc 6 in just a day or two. It's awesome! I love the action, drama, twist, and all in all, just the intensity of the story. J.J Abrams is a genius, and recently I've started seeing Fringe too, although at a much slower rate.

Alias is so good, because well, the story itself is just brilliant, so it's hard not to get so into it. And each episode always ends in such a cliffhanger that you simply must watch the next one unless you wanna be kept up all night wondering what's gonna happen to all these characters.

As for Survivor Samoa, well, what can I say? Reality show has its own appeal, don't you think? I've seen a few seasons of Survivor, and they are all good. But this season is especially different and addictive because of one particular contestant. I mean, I can boldly say that he's the main reason why I'm liking this series so much. Anyway, his name is Russell, and anyone wouldn't like him at first because he's so cunning and untrustworthy, the kind of person who would stab you in the back without so much as flinching. But as the game progresses, I don't know, he just becomes this very likeable character, that I can't imagine anyone not rooting for him to win. He's been so brilliant, smart, and consistent in his game; he's the one who has ever played this game Survivor right. It is about outplaying and outwitting everyone else after all, and that's exactly what he's doing. Boldly and shamelessly so.

I'm so hooked on this show and it's crazy. Today the new episode airs on TV and literally I was jumping up and down in panic during Tribal Council in fear that Russell might be voted off. But of course, he wasn't. And then I wonder, how could I take some reality show so seriously, but I don't know, I really do feel some sort of attachments to characters in every kind of shows and movies. I think it's a good thing. Otherwise, don't you think it's just be sad if people are just merely watching without any sorts of emotions at all?

Okay, have I been boring you to tears?! Sorry. I shall end this soon then. On that note, I'd like to know, what is your current favorite show on TV? From the past or present, it doesn't matter. Alias is a really old series, but I just started seeing it now, so don't be ashamed if your answer is uhm..I don't know, Party of Five, or Full House or something.

(hiding laughter) No, no, kidding! Not gonna mock you!

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