Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Back from Sea!

I'm back from a super awesome short trip during this long weekend at Sibu Island!

Amongst many other things I love (which I'm actually currently making a list of...yes, really), I realized just how much wonderful it is being near the ocean.

I guess being a city girl all my life, I don't really indulge myself in that environment. Yes, I've been to beaches, but I've never quite experienced them.

I liked the sea, but merely as a spectator, not a participant.

I think for the first time I stopped being scared, because the place was simply too beautiful to pass up. To just see it would be a loss. So even though I was secretly afraid at first, I wanted to go on and try.

I enjoyed this trip thoroughly. The snorkeling, the kayaking, the swimming, the strolling by the beach, the volleyball, the ocean, the waves, the boardgames, the energy of the people, I loved every minute of it.

It was such a great change of scenery from the everyday bustling life. I'd love to come back there again anytime! =)

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