Saturday, 7 December 2013

December I'm in Love..

It's almost the end of the first week of December! Despite a busy, hectic week at work, my mood is flying high and I'm feeling the joyous Christmas spirit around me. I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping, send friends those handwritten Christmas cards, and have an excuse to sing Disney's Twelve Days of Christmas!

In this moment, I can't help but feeling very grateful for everything I have, and for the people around me. Although it has been a year full of roller coaster of emotions, I'm still blessed, because in the people that I've lost, I found new friends who I can trust.

And of course, I will always have my family, and Dearie. He will always be my rock, and I know he loves me for who I am: messy, insecure, demanding, complicated me. He's my partner for life, and I know it. It took me 25 years to figure this out, but I've found him.

Aren't I so lucky.

...because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help.

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