Saturday, 13 July 2013

Miss you, Mom.

Dearest Mom,

How are you Mom? I hope you're doing wonderful up there, and that you're finally resting and not having to worry about me. I know you're always looking out for me, Mom, and I miss you so much tonight.

I miss waiting for you to get home from work so we can have dinner together as a family. I miss talking to you and telling you about my days while you're cutting fruits for me and Dad. I miss finding you on your usual spot, reading the paper on a Saturday afternoon. I miss you teaching me algebra and chemistry throughout my school days. But most importantly I just miss you. I miss having you, I miss hugging you, I miss your advice and your wise lessons and I miss you. I miss you so, so much.

You are the best Mom I can ever hope for, and I'm so, so thankful that I have lived, always feeling loved and taken care of, by you and Dad. You gave me everything I need. I am who I am because of you. And it hurts too much, having you taken away from me so soon when I haven't done anything to make you proud yet. Why? I don't understand, and I probably never will.

I want to let you know that I miss you and I love you so much. I want to tell you that you're so loved and that you're the bravest, strongest, wisest person I know, and everything I can ever dream to be. I pray that you will always be happy, because you deserve it, Mom. You deserve it so, so much.

And I dream for a day when I will be able to see you again, to hug you and spend time with you like we always did. I know you're always with me, in my heart.

But let me weep and cry, just for tonight. I'll be okay tomorrow, Mom. Just that tonight, I miss you so, so much.

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