Monday, 6 September 2010

The Gate by Shawna Howson

Before our hair had wisped to gray
You used to turn to me and say
“You are the only one I’ll hold
Till fingers shake, till we grow old.
And even when my hands won’t bend
I’ll stand by you till joints give in
And after that I’ll sing you songs
I’ll hum until my voice is gone.
And when my voice won’t carry tunes
I’ll dream you Heaven’s holy rooms
And if I leave the earth behind
I beg you, keep your eyes in kind.
For my new hands, they wait for yours
My legs are strong, my voice a chorus
And I will sit inside that room
I’ll wait, my love, I’ll wait for you.”
And so I keep my eyes in kind
I count the days till Heaven’s skies
Wherein you dine with God in wait
I’m coming, darling, mind the gate.


Rachel said...

tat was so touching... at this moment of my life... pls dun make me cry...

t e e n a said...

yes, it's very beautifully written, my dear. :)) don't worry, things will be ok!