Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ghostly experience?

Oh my god! So, I'm gonna share something a little creepy here. I was probably half hallucinating, half dreaming last night when it happened. I was in a lethargic state as I was so tired from the long weekend.

So I was in bed, and I kept tossing and turning for some reason. Although my body was tired, my brain couldn't shut down. I think some moment might have passed before I realized something. So my bed side was near the window, and at that point I was lying sideways facing the window. Do you know how you can still see something even though your eyes are closed?

I don't know, suddenly I just felt and saw a hectic movement of hand gestures as if someone was waving frantically at me. It's as if I saw it right in front of me without actually seeing it. It came from the window and it became unbearable not to notice because like I said, you can just feel it.

But as it happened, I realized that it couldn't be possible because I was in bed and there's no way someone was waving at me from outside the window! Before anything could register into my mind, impulsively I opened my eyes even though if I were smart enough, I should have just kept my eyes shut because who knows what I might find staring back at me?! OMG!

For that split second that I opened my eyes, I could have sworn I saw a hand throughout the window! Like it wanted to shake me and my whole body just jerked in fear! During that few seconds I was really, really afraid and I was convinced I just had my first encounter with ghost!

I turned my body to the other side so I wouldn't be facing the window anymore and lied there for a few seconds in cold sweat, shutting my eyes hard and reassuring myself it was just my imagination, dream, or both. Weirdly enough, after those few seconds of pure fear and shock, I was calm afterwards. I mean, you would think that I would have run away so fast and went to my dad's room like a little baby! But I just simply moved to the other way and continued laying there!

After another moment, nothing happened and I just kept my eyes shut! All the while I kept thinking, what the fuck just happened?! It felt surprisingly real! Yet everything was just so surreal!

Somehow though I managed to fall back to sleep and now it just felt like it was a strange dream. But it wasn't. I could still remember the deep shit fear I was feeling as I felt those hands waving in front of my face and that hand reaching out from the window!

What the f*** lah?!! That was really, really, really, really creepy, alright?!!

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