Friday, 9 July 2010


It’s been really hectic recently at work! Don’t you think there are just too many things you want to do yet there is too little time?


This is my urgent to-do list:
Finish the marketing book my boss lent me
Start the next freelance writing article that is due this week!
Learn more about yacht, read boating magazines
Join gym

Between the time you’re working until 6, and the those that you still want to set up for yourself, your family and friends, how else am I going to squeeze in time to do the other things during weekdays?

Anyway, yeah. It’s been an adjustment. But speaking of it, I really need to finish all those things on my list. *sigh*

This week has been better, workwise though. I think I am progressing!

Some days it seems like it'll never end. Like there's just too much to do.

The reality of the situation is, you'll never be finished. If you finish all the work you've got to do, you'll find more to do. You can never really reach the end.

So accept that. Be ok with it. Find the peace you're looking for in the now. In this moment.

Right now. Every now.

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