Thursday, 4 June 2009

silence is gold. well, just this time.

It's so funny that after I wrote that entry about my preference to email, a few people started emailing me again, saying "damn, girl, you should've said that earlier!" Huh, how could this be my fault? Ha-ha. I appreciate the thoughts, though!

Anyway, there's nothing much that I want to write at the moment. Yesterday I went to the office to settle more administrative stuffs, yeah, paperwork, paperwork, yawn, yawn. I didn't want to tell people that I already got a job not because I was trying to hide it or anything, heck, why would I hide it? I would have screamed on top of my lungs and gulped ten shots of tequila if I could, that's how excited I was when I first got the news.

The reason that I haven't exactly told anyone, well, of course besides close family and friends, is that I can't help feeling anxious still. The company has extended their offer and although I haven't started work yet, things are official. But, there's still a matter of my employment pass. Yesterday after speaking again with the finance manager at the office, they have submitted my application to the government, and now all we can do is wait. Technically, everything should work out well, and in two to three weeks time, I will have gotten the approval and I can then, start my job.

However, me being miss panicky as I am, I keep thinking that things might go wrong in the process, that the government might find tiny little details that might jeopardize my visa being approved. What tiny details, I've no idea. And having been rejected for no reason at all when I applied for social pass extension a few months back made me skeptical, bitter, and extremely uncertain.

I thought, I wouldn't tell anyone until everything is final, until I know for sure that there won't be any problem with my employment pass, and then I will get wasted from tequila shots. And all that jazz. Real celebration will entail, and ridiculous amount of confetti will be dropped. And not a second earlier. I know, I'm so negative, but can you blame me, considering after the whole social-pass-debacle?

Some people knew, not many at all. Or so I thought. That's why I was very surprised that this morning a text message came from a friend I haven't heard in ages. In fact, she's more of an acquaintance rather than a friend, if you know what I mean. She congratulated me for my new job, and how she even knew about it, I couldn't possibly imagine.

So since apparently it's no longer news, I might as well say it here. I'm extremely excited for the job, but like I said, I'm kinda still at the edge of my seat about the whole visa thing. I just hope nothing goes wrong, and please don't let me jinx it.

(I don't even feel right taking about the job itself. You would think I'm gonna be mafia or a social worker or something humiliating. I'm not. Just cross that off your list and stop with the excessive imagination.)

Until then, I guess I'm staying sober. And trust me, when everything works out, there. will. be. confetti. and loudness. and hysteria. and lots and lots of alcohol. Ha!

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