Thursday, 4 June 2009


My dad is getting hopelessly addicted to his Blackberry. I just know! At first, he didn't even bother to know how to use the extra applications. For all he knew, just so long as he could make a call, compose a text message, and check his e-mail every once in a while, the world was in order. The big man's happy.

Now, he started asking me to go online at MSN so we could chat, and he emailed me numerous times a day, which is fine, really. I kinda feel like a little girl again. And then he recently moved on to taking pictures with his phone and sending them over, a 'skill' which I'm pretty positive he didn't possess a few weeks ago. He couldn't even open an attachment on an email then, and now, check him out!

Apparently the Blackberry has changed his life. I have to admit, that little gadget is pretty sweet, but I haven't seen it as an absolute necessity yet! But a friend of mine has been bugging me to buy a damn Blackberry for so long, giving his best persuasion: 'it's like having the world at the palm of your hand!' while caressing his impressive BB javelin. He even asked me to take pictures with my camera and compared the quality with those taken from his BB, and smugly mocked, 'wow! BB camera is even better than a camera-camera!'

Oh, bugger off. I'm still perfectly happy with my LG Secret, thank you very much.

But, I'm indeed impressed by Dad. He's getting in with the trend: The BB, MSN and Facebook! He asked me to tag a couple of pictures of him so he could get some good ones for his profile! Anyway, I'm pretty happy with his tech-improvement. Why? Because it's easier for me to ask for money now. Ha-ha.

Oh, I love that picture. It was taken back in 2007, when Dad was still looking sharp with his short hair. Not saying he's not now. It's just now he's sporting that Beatles-inspired hair-do which is quite amusing and freaky at the same time. Ah, bless him.

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