Saturday, 30 August 2014

What touches you lately?

Sometimes a song can touch your heartstring and make you feel all sorts of emotions, and when that happens, it's just beautiful. 

For me, any songs from Sam Smith just frikking do it. If you haven't heard his songs, you totally should stop reading this junk and quickly start looking him up on youtube, trust me. 

He reminds me of Adele - but just better. His vocal is incredible - he has such a range too and it is thick with emotions. I find myself being very sad sometimes when I hear his songs - but that exactly what his songs are about, so I think that's really powerful.

My favorite at the moment is his track's called "Leave Your Lover". It's a song about a man's desperate plea in loving someone and begging that person to leave their lover for him. It's honest, heartbreaking, and really beautiful. Other tracks worth mentioning are "Lay By Your Side", "Latch" and of course "Stay With Me", but I've listened to his album and all his songs are equally great and it's definitely one killer album you have to hear it for yourself.

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