Sunday, 29 June 2014

Quickie about the new Transformers movie!

So here are some of my thoughts after watching Transformers: Age of Extinctions:

1. Oh Michael Bay, you did it again!
2. Those scenes - panoramic view of a wide open space against the orange, sunset sky and killer soundtrack.. seen them in past Transformers movies, see it again here. I'm pleased to see those!
3. Mark Wahlberg was born for this role - he's just perfect in here!
4. Those Autobots! 
5. OMG, the cars!
6. Love, and I mean LOVE the slow-motion scenes during intense battle action! It's signature Transfomers too to capture the transforming action and fighting scenes in slow-mo! It's just soooo cool, I'm a complete sucker!
7. Oh, I wish the Dinobots had more scenes in the movie, because they are badass! 
8. Bumblebee is still so cute and endearing as ever.
9. Some parts in the middle are kinda draggy and the story isn't the best overall. 
10. But then again, I'm still thoroughly entertained by this movie! So much explosions, so much adrenaline, I expected nothing less!

Here is a picture of me being all fangirl in front of the 3D movie poster!

So my verdict? Well if you love Transformers for the same reason I do: for the action, you will definitely love this too! I'm not very familiar with the characters, so I can't really make any critics - you have to ask my boyfriend on that. And trust me, he has A LOT of comments about the loop holes in the movie, but if you ask me, I wasn't thinking of any loop holes because I was too busy being excited to see Optimus Prime save the day once more!

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