Sunday, 17 November 2013

A long rant on life, mistakes and karma.

What a week it has been! First, we has successfully moved office and I still have both my hands and legs intact! Packing our stuffs was fine, but try moving our computer screens, CPUs, drawers and even our own chair! I think the amount of work I did during those two days is equivalent to my exercise regime in a year!

Now our office is much bigger, and each department has its own room, as compared to before when Marketing was sandwiched right in between Sales and Finance Team and well, let's just say that it could get very noisy and hectic! Now we have our own cold little office but after a week of settling here, I realized that maybe we are the noisy one!

Then we also had a new Marketing Manager joining us this week! Although for the past two days we have been very busy with introductory meetings and then Christmas decorating session. I hardly had time to sit down and start crossing out stuffs from my 'To-do list' which, honestly speaking, is getting longer and longer than the Great Wall of China. (Yeah, I should be concerned)

I need to dedicate a time this week to prepare my PR application too, since my appointment is early next week. Hopefully the second time is the charm this time.

Anyway, that's that about work in general. I realized something this week though; something very important. I know it sounds clichey, but people do get what they deserve. What goes around really comes around. We all talk about karma, and I guess we say it in passing, just like we talk about similar clichey like 'good things come to those who wait.'. I mean, it sounds right, but usually it's just something we tell ourselves so that we can remain optimistic.

But really, I feel that there is not enough kindness in this world. Everybody should be kind, for and foremost. And I always try to believe the good in people, give them the benefit of the doubt even when others tell me otherwise. We have to treat everybody with kindness, and I'm saying that regardless of our genders or position or anything else. But as women, it's especially important to empower each other, not be bitchy and mean and nasty and dishonest.

I have been hurt by people. Because of misunderstanding or miscommunication, it happens right? But I can't think of the last time that someone hurt me on purpose out of malicious intent, until recently. It was something uncalled for, unfair and I believe that nobody should be that mean to do such thing to anyone. And remember what I said about what goes around, comes around? Yeah, let's just say that something unfortunate happened to her, and maybe it's karma for what she has done to me, or maybe it's a compilation of other bad things she has done, but I believe that she gets what she deserves.

We all make mistakes, we hurt people we love, people around us. But I'd like to think that nobody should be mean to each other on purpose. When you're mean and you have evil intention to others, that's it. Everybody should support each other, encourage one another to be better. If you can't be nice to someone, at least don't hurt them. It's better to walk away. But as soon as you hurt someone intentionally, that's on you. That's what I can't understand.

One of my good friends told me that there are a lot of mean people out there and maybe I have not come across them yet in my life because I've led a sheltered life. And maybe he's right, and I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for my parents who have protected me and surrounded me with great, loving, positive people. Even my friends all throughout school until university, they are a bunch of fun, loving, friendly people that I'm so grateful for.

I have not met such poisonous people until now, and I consider myself lucky. I hope I can keep it that way. And I will still treat people that I meet equally: with a smile. At least I'll try my best to. Whatever the outcome is, that's not up to us to decide. But take comfort in the fact that, people get what they deserve.

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