Thursday, 11 February 2010


9:40 pm and I just got back from work. I'm bloody tired but somehow still feel like writing and telling you guys something. Partly because out of guilt because I've been neglecting this space for a while, and I do have conscience, you know.

Well, anyway, let's just begin by saying that my friends would probably mock me endlessly if they somehow find out about this. They will say 'I told you so' to my face and I won't have a smart response to shut them up. So I guess I'm losing.

You know how during the first few years of my stay here, I somehow always found myself in trouble with the Indians? I can recall uncountable times when Indians approached me in the most unlikely places (train, middle of the street, library, and so on.)

I was mostly alone in all these occasions which further terrified me even more, especially during my first year here. My friends found this amusing, though. They started teasing that I had what they called 'The Indian Curse'. Some even 'meaner' friends also came up with a hypothesis that perhaps I do share the same uhm, natural smell as them, and that smell was what attracted them to me.

My naive 19 years old-self almost believed this at one point, and was afraid to go out of the house. It was fine if these Indians just approached me to ask for the direction, goodness. But they came off borderline scary. One was following me around and tricked me into having lunch with him!

Okay, anyway that was a little background information. I'm happy to announce though, that lately the 'curse' seems to have left me, and once again I feel so safe! And then something happened.

I have a little crush on an Indian!

Yes, this is the time when my friends would laugh and mock me endlessly if only they were here. Thank goodness they weren't.

I don't even know this person, okay! The story is, I go on a bus to work at exactly the same time every morning because I have the bus schedule memorized already. It would always depart from that stop at exactly 9 am.

Well, this particular Indian gentleman seems to have memorized the same schedule as well, and thus, I almost always see him every morning boarding the same bus. Difference is just he alighted at a few stops after. Anyway, seriously, he looks so good in his formal wear, plus he's tall (which is my weak-point, aside from black-rimmed glasses).

Insert: WOW!

But of course I've never talked to the guy. I doubt he even noticed I was there! Maybe I should give him some obvious hints, but oh my gosh, never thought I could spot a good-looking Indian, especially since I've been kinda terrified at them for so long.

Okay, this is slightly embarrassing, isn't it? I guess I finally believe that saying 'never say never!' Bites me right in the arse.

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