Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cooking and Saturday night

Happy Sunday everyone!

I know, I'm way too cheerful for a Sunday morning! Well, not really, it's technically afternoon, ehem. We just cooked mac and cheese for lunch in the household, yo! And we didn't burn anything and it turned out pretty bloody good! Now that's what I call 'teamwork'!

(Yeah, we would lie through our gritted teeth even if it tasted bad, 'cos we wouldn't wanna admit we brought no good in the kitchen.) Not that I was speaking about myself.

I really have developed more and more interest in cooking these days! But the level of it isn't suitable for the general public yet, so I don't foresee myself inviting people over for dinner anytime soon. Hey, we gotta start somewhere, right? My family is the only people I know who would still love me even if I poison their insides. Others? I can't be sure. Hence.

But aside from babbling about my newfound talent (if you can call it that), I also wanna write about the great evening I had last night! We started out with this really gigantic, enormous, gluttinous dinner at a steamboat place near Bugis, and boy, I felt like my stomach was gonna explode!

It was just the two of us, and we ordered so much food like we were feeding the entire third world's countries! And you gotta see the fish steamboat! The size of it! For the life of me, I have never been that full (and so satisfied)! I especially loved the hot plate beancurd too. We finished everything though, (even though it almost killed us with pleasure) and it was amazing I could still stand up and walk right after that. I guess there is such thing as miracle in this world. I witnessed it firsthand.

After the dinner, we drove up to Labrador Park for a stroll (or to be exact, to walk this fishmeat which are still swimming inside our stomach), and it was my first time there! It was soooo pretty! You could practically see Sentosa island from there, and all the lights and ships and the sea! Surprisingly, I saw a lot of people and families fishing in there. It was kind of a heartwarming sight, like, the father and son bonded over fishing. Okay, maybe I was just being sentimentil. We walked right to the pier, to the end where we couldn't move forward anymore and there was just sea in front of us. It was really special.

I felt a lot better by then and we strolled right back to the car, blasted the music to the maximum volume and sang our hearts out. Oh, okay, I mean, I sang my heart out. My friend was just driving and shooting me amused look. What, never seen a girl sing? I just totally love driving at night when the road is deserted and all your hear is the music and your own heartbeat. Don't you think so? Very liberating!

We then made a stop at Holland Village to have some drinks! (What, the stomach for food is totally different from the one for beer! I especially have special 'compartment' for beer. Haha!) We had this smooth and fruity french beer, and bloody hell, my friend ordered pepperoni pizza! Goodness gracious, I can't imagine he could still eat after that crazy dinner!

It says 'fruity, imported', and 'refreshing' on the glass. Refreshing indeed.

The pizza. I took a bite and honestly couldn't eat anymore! He's so freaky, where did all the food go?!

We were at Wala Wala, by the way, and I love that place. We went upstairs to check out the live band but it was so full there weren't any place to sit. Downstairs, we could talk and watch (wait, take your pick) rugby, tennis, and football match. Three screens and all equally loaded with testosterone.

Had to call it a night, cos it was so late, but I was happy and lightheaded, too happy to feel sleepy.

During our way home, Good Girls Go Bad was blasting through the airwaves, and I'm constantly hooked on that tune, I think I kinda lost control at that point. Haha.

Last night was just so spontaneous and easy, I had so much fun!

Anyway, on another note, I'll be back in Jakarta for two weeks pretty soon, I wish I can still blog along the way, but I'm not sure how kind the internet connection will be out there, but I'm quite excited about going home actually! So this is gonna be good . . .

Have a good Sunday, everyone!

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