Sunday, 19 April 2009

The case of missing breakfast

Last week a couple friends and I went out to blow off some steam by dancing the night away. It was a typical fun ladies night, but the night ended in a pretty eventful note.

Around 4 am, the three of us walked back to the house since it was located conveniently within walking distance from the club. We were sober as nuns, carrying our shoes while breathing in the cool night air.

We decided to order two breakfast sets from McD, so my friend A made the call. We got to the house, changed into comfortable baggy shirts and another friend B and I fell straight to sleep, rather unintentionally before the food even arrived. A still took a shower, and in between my sleep, I think I heard A's phone ring and her saying, "McD's here!" But, I drifted back to sleep after blissfully thinking deliberately to just savour the big breakfast in the morning. Too much effort to move my eyelids.

10am, I woke up, turned to A and asked, "Hey, did you eat your food last night?"

She murmured, "I don't know..."

"What do you mean you don't know?" I chuckled, thinking that she must still be asleep. B and I scrambled out of bed and looked outside in the dining table for our beloved McD. We found nothing. We got back to the room, searched everywhere, but still saw no sign of food.

At this point, B even looked at the trash, just in case, A ate both meals last night. The chances were pretty slim, but even slimmer that the McD food could evaporate into thin air.

I desperately pictured my non-existent hash brown and scrambled eggs. Damn, I was starving.

A was still in bed when we asked her again, "where did you put the food, babe?"

She looked at us, confused, "I don't know."

"The McD food that came last night. Where did you put it?" I repeated, emphasizing on the every word.

"I don't remember.."

This explanation didn't do it for me. What's weird is that there was one regular Milo by the bedside table, so the delivery guy really did come. But the big elephant in the room, where's Waldo? Where's the food?!

We kept persisting A to try to remember what happened last night, but she offered no answer, she didn't even seem disturbed by the fact that a huge chunk of her memory seemed to go missing, while B and I were totally freaked out.

The thing is, A wasn't drunk, she still even showered when we got home, it simply didn't make any sense. She admitted not remembering taking the food, eating the food, or putting the food anywhere.

But the Milo just sat there, mocking us. The half empty Milo, I might add.

In the end, we couldn't find the food anywhere, and we reluctantly closed the case, what else were we supposed to do? But, I'm still beyond curious. As anyone would be. Heck. Things don't just go missing, especially McD food, unless it's been eaten, duh. But there was no way someone could eat TWO breakfast meals at 5am without remembering any of it.

Right? Right?