Thursday, 19 February 2009

Just my luck!

Wanna know what I concluded yesterday? Well, my conclusion sucks, but it's true; I have shit for luck. I think I have been yammering about this before, I just think that there's something wrong with my allignment in the stars when I was born or something, but I just might be one of the unluckiest person I know.

If you believe that everything happens for a reason, then I've no idea what it's telling me. The near-misses, the bad coincidences, frankly I can't think of a reason how it would benefit me eventually, how these could mean something. I'm a believer that things sometimes just happen in random, it sounds sad, but it means that we should just be grateful when good things happen because you'll never know. Isn't that realistic?

Yeah, and I've always thought I'm the optimist one in the family. What a bunch of depressed people. Nah, I'm kidding, it's just me. If anything, I'm the weird one.

So, I have been struggling with this whole job hunting process, and the response I got has so far been pathetically pathetic. I don't know what else to call it. But I got one job offer which might be cool and exciting, but the pay isn't good. It's peanut, practically. I can safely say, though, that it was the only option I got. I met with the boss, he was great, everything seemed great, and I was given a week to think about it and give my answer, 'cos once you commit, you gotta commit, you know? Which is all everyone can ask for, really. I don't like people backing out on their words either, and I've got my fair share of that when I was coordinating an event and the client kept making last-minute changes and it drove me nuts. Like, nuts.

So I waited and pondered. Couldn't exactly make a pros-and-cons list, because yes, rub it in my face again that it was simply the only lead I got. Yeah yeah. Within the week though, I kept applying and sending my resumes everywhere, well, I wanted to make sure I made the right choice. But nothing came up, and it boiled down to the deadline when I was supposed to give my answer, which was yesterday. I still waited 'til afternoon even, but my phone remained dead. I shook it, turned it off and on again, but the only text I've got was from a friend saying "Tin..." What the hell? My friends are weird.

I guess that was it, then. I probably would have to eat grass and be a monk for the next six months 'cos I would be broke and all, but well, I would manage. And I sent an email saying yes, I would be happy working for him. Case closed, right? Well, of course something must have happened, because things couldn't just work that smoothly.

Only half an hour after, I got a call from an event company, setting me up for an interview next week. That was the kind of lead I have been waiting for all week! And it had to come, half a freaking four after I commited to something else?! What is wrong with the world?!

Okay, a little dramatic there, but shit, the whole timing just bummed me out. I know, it's just an interview, probably little chance of me actually nailing it, but still, now I feel like it wouldn't matter anymore. It would be such a dick move to back out on my words now, but at the same time, I wanna take the chance and just see what's gonna happen. I'm supposed to look out for my best interest, right? Then again, I could just be thinking too much right now, why worry about it now? I'll cross the bridge when the time comes. Dammit, I hate being a thinker.

Another shitty luck so you get my gist. I rented a DVD to watch with my friend, but of course something went wrong. His Mac somehow couldn't play the damn thing, not that I'm surprised. I was looking forward to seeing this movie! Besides, who would have anticipated that?! I should write Murphy's Law right on my forehead!

Anyway, just feel like rambling here. Didn't mean to be such a downer about everything, ha! My mood is starting to lift up again now, seeing Before Sunset for the umpteenth times.....

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